The present: Las Vegas to San Francisco to Scotts Valley.


My sense of adventure brought me to Vegas in 2006. In April 2008.
I went to Amateur Electronic Supply here in Vegas and picked up an Icom IC-7000 and AH-4 tuner. This had
more bells and whistles than I needed and in such a small package. So now in the tradition of The Bellagio,
Caesar's Palace and The Venetian, I put some class into my station. I took apart a bankers lamp to mount a frame,
and used a Bellagio-like pedestal. The remote wire goes under the carpet and into the laundry room to meet
up with the main unit. I used the actual lamp cord wire to route the speaker wire down the tube of the lamp
and under the rug to go to a speaker under the couch.
I changed my call from KJ6ZF to the vanity call W7SDB. Why? I always liked the W7 prefix and
I always liked being DB over S9. Plus I'm in 7 land now.

I had a 33 foot fiberglass telescoping mast for a wire vertical.
I put it out off the 2nd floor patio at night.

I moved to San Francisco December 2008. On the roof I had a dipole hooked to a MFJ automatic antenna tuner. I did not take pictures.


In 2010 I set out RVing. That is my fiberglass push-up mast on the back.

Here in the front cab is my IC-7000.

Soon I will post pictures of my antenna and rig in my present location: Scotts Valley, CA.


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