My first radio experience. 1956? Dad got me a crystal set, and put a wire antenna on the roof.
Good thing my dad was into photography. All to follow are his pics.
Except for some reason I don't have any left of inside the ham shack.

I still don't know exactly what type of antenna this was, but the hardware looked good to me.
It must have worked as a capacitive hat vertical. I had a Heathkit short wave radio.
In the background is my ham shack, which held throughout all my ham days. still don'

The only problem was that I had to lower it back down to untangle the guys.

WB6VCM around the mid-sixties. Took me several tries to pass the code test,
and I ignored CW later because of it.
Strickly phone. Okay, now we're getting serious after I had a good taste of DXing.
Prior to this tower I had a dipole, and then I built a 2 element yagi for 15 meters.
Both were on a push up mast on the house roof.

The sunspot cycle was great and I was working tons of JA's on 15.

My first experience with heights. After my first 20 feet I just wanted to get down and lie on the grass.
After that I got used to it and was up and down like a monkey.

Ahhh, the gin pole got me to forty feet.

Here goes the fiberglass quad. What a difference for DXing.


Almost finished. Now to tune it up.

Next antenna was a Hy-gain quad. One coax feed instead of a switch up there was much easier.
I also got some help this time from a high-school buddy.

Okay, real serious about DX now, so I go for a TH-6DX. And of course a higher tower.
About this time, a beginning senior in high-school, my father died of a heart attack.

It was a dream come true. I would just stare at it over and over from the street.
Sorry dad but my ego feels too good to morn much. I was over 250 countries by now.
I cut classes all I could to get home and work DX. How I graduated, I'll never know.

Now that I had a Collins S-Line and Henry 2-K, I had to upgrade with this 5 element monster for 20.
Still wanted 15, so I put that on top. The two meter vertical is for the Northern California DX Club Net.
I had a Clegg 22'er - AM in those days. I was the youngest member of the club.n top.

Great for my ego.

Back out staring at it from the street again. But then came college, and with the help of
Simon & Garfunkel and Nixon's draft, I concluded that ham radio was too square.
The sixties and early seventies were about youthful rebellion,
and up until now I had ignored it and hung around with older guys at ham clubs.
So I sold everythingin the summer of '70 to be more "cool".
Now the ham shack was full of stereo equipment, and a place to do artwork for school.
But you don't get rid of the ham bug that easy. It snuck back in 1988 as KJ6ZF.

Here is 1988. An A3 and sloper on a 40 ft mast. 2 meters got me on packet.

Click here for my inside equipment during my past.