In the bedroom you can see how I like rich Italianate romanticism. Tiffany lighting helps.

Right over the bed is the little caricature model of Mr. Totality from my Enlightenment website.
This king size bed has a memory-foam top that makes you never want to get up.

That door is the main entrance to my private patio.

Across from the bed is my sony flat panel with Bose 5.1 surround.

This is the Bose 1-2-3 with an Apple TV box on top.
I put it under the bed because the infrared remote bounces off the wall.

The Bose is under the bed with the Apple TV because the infrared remote bounces off the wall.

View of the master bath. That's not popcorn finish on the ceiling.
There is just has a lot of texture on the walls.

View back out from my bath tub.

My private patio beneath the sloping hill garden above.
You can just see the edge of the spiral staircase that takes me to the garden.

The second full bath.

The second bedroom. Looks out to the patio.

This is my long hall (haul) that takes me from the two back bedrooms to the front.

Seen from the front.


Finally, the view from the garden at night.  The center dome is City Hall,
and the spire to the right is the Transamerica Building.