Living room. The big thing on the left with the red cover is my wide format HP printer. Next to that
is my full keyboard digital piano. Hooked to my big speakers it sounds like a full grand is in the room.


Living room seen from the dining. That's the Apple TV's screen saver on the big Sony TV. Those speakers
are too heavy for a person to lift. Big base really needs a big box.

This my studio work-space in the front of the living room. I made the cubical space from the top of my king
size bed. It rests on the fabric covered pedestals. The lights above are daylight compact fluorescents that
professional photographers now use: a lot of light with little heat. Those are two Imacs on both sides of the


Here I am working on a tablet monitor called a Wacom 21 UX.
It extends the desktop real-estate of the Imac as dual monitors .
I'm setting up head plane structure and lighting to design
my portraits of god-realm beings. In realist painting, everything has to be perfect to convince that
it actually exists. After I work out every detail on the computer, I'm ready to paint oil on canvas in the
tradition of the Old Masters. No splattering paint here :-)

The dining room that overlooks the balcony patio.

My furniture has the classical touch that I like.

The balcony patio. That's Eureka St. with all its trees. Very cozy.

In the kitchen I set up my beverage bar and daily herbals.
The painting is of the Italian hill coast with grape vines.
So from my kitchen ceiling are hanging vines and grapes -- silk and plastic, but non the less romantic.

Another view including the glass door that goes out to my patio and common back yard.

The first of three bedrooms that serves as my office.

Here is a four by five foot print-out of the summary sheet from my Enlightenment Based Magic
website. This is where the big HP printer comes in handy,
as well as printing out large drawings and images to re-work for my portraits.