M. Mouse puts on a fiber optics light display.
Mr. Totality gets his hands from this model.

Stair well.

Sturdy enough to grab onto when coming up stairs.

Fountain makes water sound in living room.

Something for us guys to stare at above the toilet.

Thirteen inch border gives the bathrooms some substance.

Yes towels match.

Overlooking the bed.

This thing behind me while I'm sitting at the computer, helps keep me on my pedestal.




These Bose surround speakers (bedroom mirror) really do what they say.  

Watching a movie on my iphone. This is a little known movie called Copying Beethoven.
Ed Harris did a great job playing Beethoven.

My next car :-) ? No. This is the time travel Delorian from Back to the Future III.

View of the Strip from the balcony.