Valencia Travel Village, Valencia, CA

Valencia is half an hour north of Los angeles. I dropped down into Southern California a bit to pick up some items for a friend who is joining me to travel.

This is Chris. He saw my magazine ad for I Am Totality in the San Diego area and wanted to study with me, so he has joined me in the RV. I fixed up the bunk bed in front for him and it works out fine. We will drive two hours south of Valencia to pick up more of his things and then head up back North to continue the way I was going.

I installed a backrest on the CanAm. I feel much better that Chris is not going to fall off and so does he.

There he is asleep up in the bunk bed.

Santa Clarita and Valencia:

"Imagine – Los angeles without traffic, add rolling hills, parks and a picturesque lake, a young comunity with endless opportunities for adventure....then you're in Santa Clarita!"

Magic Mountain.

Valencia Town Center.


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