First stop: Ukiah

I'm quite impressed with the cute little town of Ukiah. They have a thing with redwood trees here, and I just love redwoods. This is the northern wine country. There are a lot of things to see here, so I may stay here a few weeks or more – or even more. There are lots of RV parks in Fort Bragg, so I'm going to check out them too. To start, I'd like to jet-ski on Lake Mendocino, and hop on the Skunk Train.

This is great after months on the tarmac of Pacifica. That's a golf driving-range behind me. I'm so cozy here – the winds and chill of Pacifica no more.


When you walk out at night, it smells like you're in the mountains with campfires going.

I'll post more pics as I travel here.

May 8:
Well, I may have come across one of the best kept secrets of California – Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve. Of all the places I've been to or pictures I've seen, this is probably most scenic redwood grove on this planet. Until 2006, the tallest tree in this reserve was thought to be the tallest in the world — until someone located 2 taller trees in the wilds of Humboldt County. I say best kept secret because it's hard to find. There are no signs. Most people ask, "Is this the place?" I passed by it twice trying to find it. At the end of the parking lot inside is just a little sign. Then you hike up a trail and bam, there it is.

This is the ride from Ukiah. This view rivals the hill towns of Tuscany. I rented a car to get there, but I'm going back again with my scooter.

Inside. On a weekday I only saw two other people on the paths and I almost got lost when I went off the path.

I found a rock that had a good two inches of moss on it. It was like a padded chair. Here are my city-slicker shoes over the edge of it. I just have to be a little more sure-footed with these shoes.

Of all the types of terrain and climate I know of, this forest is my sweet-spot.

There turned out to be no jet-ski rentals at Lake Mendocino, so I just soaked up the view. I'm going to rent a car again and head over to Clear Lake. All kinds of rentals in Lakeport.


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