A New Scooter! Paolucci's Piaggio.

I breezed into a motorcycle shop here in Ukiah looking at some riding jackets. Then my new partner and I exchanged glances: the Piaggio MP3 250 Scooter by Vespa. The web research I did on it said that I'd be spending a lot of time talking to people about it in parking lots. And sure enough everyone wants to know about it. I've been talking my head off.

"Nothing all that new in the scooterworld since automatic transmissions, right? Not so, says Piaggio, which introduced its innovative three-wheel MP3. MP3 250 uses two tilting, independently articulated wheels up front and a traditional 250-class scooter powertrain out back. Besides being a breeze to park (just pull up, no sidestand required), the tri-wheel design enhances road-gripping stability in wet-weather riding and over tricky surfaces like gravel, sandy asphalt and cobblestone streets. Top speed is a claimed 77 mph."

"Piaggio MP3 three-wheel scooters, providing safety, road grip and stability levels that no two-wheeler can match. Its power, performance and ease of use make for a very entertaining ride."

So now I have a new toy that makes me feel much safer – especially on freeways. I thought that automatic transmissions were nifty but now no feet down when you come to a stop-light. No kick-stand when you want to walk away from it. This seems to me to be the BMW of Scooters. A keyless remote even opens the storage compartment. Plenty of room for my groceries. Later I'll take pics of it in lovely locations.


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