Thousand Trails-Thunderbird Resort, Monroe, WA

This is a charming resort that is on the Snohomish River and makes me feel I'm still in the mountains. This is my last stop on the Cascade loop.

The area in front of me to the right is the miniature golf course.

Nice and green-moist here and no freezing temperatures as with the higher altitudes like Leavenworth. It gets down to 40 at night.


I'm going to stay here for two weeks at least. There are many attractions within a reasonable bike ride including Seattle.

I took a walk on the many resort trails today:

This is a bridge over the creek that runs through the property.

Up the hill on Bear Gulch trail is a landing that's perfect for my blue chair. I'll be back with a cigar.

When ferns grow out of the moss on trees, you know you're in a rain forest.

Here is an over-look on one of the trails on the hill.

Inside the overlook. Below are the four swimming pools and recreation area. The pools closed this time of year. That's why the seasonal discount.

Another sign of the rain forest. Moss growing on fence posts.


I went off to Future of Flight Aviation Center. It is the public portal to Boeing, as this area is Boeing's center of operations.

This is the Roll-Royce of Roll-Royce engines. This large building is pretty much a showcase for the Boeing 787.

"During the tour of the world's largest building by volume (472,000,000 cubic feet or 13,385,378 cubic meters), visitors will see airplanes being built for our worldwide base of airline customers."
I actually did my own small tour. I may get back to that one.

I did get into a flight simulator. They actually had me fly though a barn – as in barn-storming.

This is a cargo plane. Somehow it looks like a queen bee.

It's been raining a lot and I've been busy organizing my painting procedure.

I've also been out on my bike in 40 degree weather. In addition to my thermals, I need a lower face ski mask or else my mouth and chin get too cold. With all those things, I do pretty well. However, I've decided that I could use an outdoor pool every day to get the exercise I like, so I've decided to head on down to Palm Springs until it warms back up here in Washington. So starting Nov. 29th, I'll head off. Ahhh, the mid 70's again.

So I sketched out an itinerary:

Nov. 26 Friday 11AM: Monroe, Wa to Premier RV Resort, Eugene, Or - 5 hrs, 20 min. 310 miles.

Nov. 27 Saturday 11AM: Eugene, Or, Premier RV Resort to Mountain Gate RV Park, Redding, Ca, - 5 hrs, 10 min. 315 miles.

Nov. 28 Sunday 11 AM: Redding, Ca, Mountain Gate RV Park to Sommerville Almond Tree Rv Park, Coalinga, CA - 5 hrs, 30 min. 356 miles.

Nov. 29 Monday 11AM: Sommerville Almond Tree Rv Park, Coalinga, CA to Palm Springs, CA - 5 hrs. 304 miles.

Nov. 30 Monday around 6 PM: Palm Springs. Desert Shadows RV Resort.



We've had an unusual cold snap. I will last a few more days. I went out on the bike in 35 degrees and did fine. I bought a ski face mask to keep my mouth and chin warm and it worked great. I've learned to keep my gear in the RV so it will be warm when I take off in the bike.
I had the water hose disconnected last night to protect the faucet. When I went to hook it up today the faucet wouldn't turn, so I got out my hair drier and that did the trick.
It's plenty toasty inside the RV. I kept a second back-up heater just in case, so I'm using both electric space heaters.

I have lights on in front of the water filters and the sewage valves to protect them. The light you see inside the tire well is enough to keep the small white hose from freezing too.

So how do I smoke a cigar when it's 20 degrees outside?

Why my vent of course. Out the smoke goes and no lingering smell in the RV afterwards. There is the smoke going out now. I sit in my embroidered chair and it reaches the cigar fine. This will be great if I'm in hot weather too. But I don't plan on hanging around Palm Springs that long.

Now I can say, "Been there, done that." Today I'm not hooking up my water. But it will be in the 40's when I leave, so my plumbing hook ups will be thawed (Jack frost nipping at my hose). The road is solid slick ice, so I think I'll not push my luck on the bike today.


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