The Resort at Skamania Coves – Stevenson, WA

Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia river is the Border between Oregon and Washingon.

That's the Columbia in back of me. This is a cute little RV Resort. No one answers the phone, so I just drove in and they had plenty of spaces.

Rv picnic area down at water's edge. This river is BIG.

My ipod dock.

Turning my head to the right. This is all RV Resort property.

Close-up. Three teen-age boys. The one relieving himself knew I was sitting there with my camera. Maybe he'll grow up to be an exhibitionist :)

Steamboats passing me by.

Back from the grocery store at night. Just like your car, my trunk lights up. I can fit five plastic bags full. That's spinach poking out – luuuuv spinach.

Dinner at the Cascade Room of Skamania Lodge. I had to find out why the Halibut cost $30. Nice, it had lots of fancy crab and shrimp with it. Four star.

View from my table. This place is to Columbia Gorge what Benbow Lodge was to Benbow.

Except a lot bigger.

Skamania Lodge golf. For now I'm sticking with miniature golf. On golf, Bill Gates said, "It takes up too much time to get any good at it."

Trains are constantly traveling the gorge, and really longs ones.

The Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum.
The interesting thing about this place is that everything they have drives or flies. You can come at scheduled times to see your favorite performing.

1914 electric car, soon to be popular again.

1899 steam. Steam will almost certainly not be popular again.

1936 John Deere. People sometimes ask me if I'm traveling with a wife. Most RVers do. So I have a stock answer with humor. "Well, I had a fiance, but she left me for a tractor salesman. She never gave me any reason or anything. All I got was a John Deere letter in the mail."

1929 Packard. I just like this styling. I have no reason to be nostalgic, I just like the older stuff design-wise. I know cars are supposed to be aerodynamic, and follow the trends of modern industrial design like modern architecture, but I'm not so impressed by sleek minimalist bubbles. I don't know why a car should have look like an airplane without wings :) I wouldn't mind if the front of my RV looked more like the Packard.

I've always seen modern stuff like this designed at Art Center's Auto Design Department. I appreciate economy of design, but... Futuristic movies show them. This is like the fashionable graphics on RVs which to me is aesthetically obscene. I see a cynical agitated slashing attitude towards life – someone trying to free themselves of design boundaries through purely-energetic rebellion. That kind of thing (or merely being different) is rewarded in present-world culture. That won't stand the test of time.

1914 Ford, forerunner of the woody station-wagon.

Ancestor of my you know what.

Talk about riding shot-gun. Apparently recoil was not a problem :)

They're raising money to bring this back to operating condition.


And now for something completely different: Cascade Locks and Bonneville Dam with its fish ladder. Bonneville is no small-time dam. President Roosevelt inaugurated it in 1937.

Below this are underwater windows where you can see the salmon migrating upstream. The Locks allow ships to go from dam level water to the river below. Then there is the fish hatchery complimented by a collection of giant sturgeons.

This guy is something like ten feet long. They get up to twenty-five and live as long as a hundred years.

This RV property is so excellent that I'm staying a few more days to enjoy it. There's the ipad on a stump chair. This place doesn't advertise and prefers not to be known. The owner doesn't need the money. It was a lucky find.

Best swim ever today! The water temp in the picture above was perfect. I got exercise, cooled off, and got to look at the scenery around me all at once. I could easily stay here longer, but I should head over the Rockies by mid-september to Florida, so I'll be off tomorrow to see more of Washington before then.

One key to a good swim is to have these swim shoes. Otherwise the rocks are tough on your feet and dirt sticks to your feet walking back. I got these at Target.

A must-see in the area is a drive on Historic Scenic Highway 30 from the Lookout back down to Multnomah Falls.

This is the lookout at Crown Point State Park.

Then Multnomah.

On the way back down Highway 30 you pass several smaller falls like Fairyland Falls.

And Wahkeena Falls.

You then continue to the Bridge of the Gods.

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