Silverline Resort RV Park, Winthrop, WA

Winthrop is just outside the East Cascades on the Scenic Loop. On the way there from Rockport, the weather was ideal. Here is the trip out of the high point of the Cascades:

A must-see is the Gorge Overlook of the Gorge Dam.

I sunned myself there for a while. the weather could not have been more perfect. I was concerned about the weather this time of year because soon they will close down this area for the winter because of avalanche danger.

The dam.

Another one of those damn signs :)

Another must stop is the lookout for Diablo Lake. This is a lookout of a lookout via my RV roof.

This is also a nice way to ravel besides the Piaggio. I have ice packs in the refrigerator so it could stay cold all day, and the solar panel keeps the 12 volt house batteries full. So nice to have my pocket-palace with me. Having one's own toilet is a luxury.

More Diablo Lake. The milky green water comes from the glacier's fine cement like powder.

The next stop and must-see is the Washington Pass Lookout Point.

The Liberty Bell rock is to the left.

Here it is at an angle that shows it off best. I personally think that there are too may cracks for it to be the Liberty Bell :)

More Pass:

Thought I'd try some back-lighting.

The lookout here is above a sheer drop down 700 feet, but the fence is built very well. I think that this is the finest lookout yet in the Cascades.

Okay, now onto my destination: Winthrop.
What the heck? Did I just enter the back lot of Universal Studios?

The espresso chocolate chip ice cream was superb. You can guess by now that the town's building code is very strict – old west or nothing. Most of this is fairly new construction. It is made to look old just like a movie set.

Now I know how Michael J. Fox felt when he entered 1880's Hill Valley.

I think my fortune is that I'd put on a few pounds trying out those chocolate covered twinkies.

But anyway, I really like the RV park. It's on Pearrygin Lake.

I've never had an RV site on a lawn. Very lush.

Free ice cream in the office, a miniature golf site, and boat rentals. For some reason, the fish are jumping out of the water – entertaining.

Out on the lake today:

Thigh-master workout.

This duck kept following me like a dolphin. Half way around the lake. Finally he took off, flied upside-down and then quacked-up back into the water.
Something like this?

Me viewing me from out in the lake.

Just outside the sign is their miniature golf. I think I perfectly captured the colors of the painting in the sign.

I'm calling this a hole-in-one because it bumped up against the metal rim and stopped.

Moon rising on the end of a perfect day.

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