Shelter Cove Resort, Odell Lake, Oregon

This place did not show up on Goggle maps. I found it accidentally when exploring with my bike. It's a best kept secret. I got their last site available. They tucked me way back in the woods. The wi-fi signal doesn't reach me, nor my Verizon because of all the trees in the way. So I posted this with my laptop in the main camp area. However, I am able to use my Verizon phone when hooked to my external antenna.

This is absolutely the most "in the woods" I have ever been. I have no water or sewage here, just power. I'm showering from my RV water tank and 12 volt pump. I figure I can rough-it for two nights :)

That's the office and general store in the center.

Pristine water. This place is the most idyllic so far.


I had an hour on my hands before Odell check-in time, so I stopped off at Salt Creek Falls again. I took the trail all the way down to the bottom and also into the picnic area. I highly recommend it. More pics of it:

Half way down to the bottom. Now this is strange. You know when you go to an amusement park, walk by a cotton-candy machine, and the warm smell hits you? That's what it smelled like here. The only thing I can figure is that direct sun is heating up the sap of the pines.

Be sure and go into the picnic area as well. The whole place is like a forest-garden.

Here is technology looking back on itself. There is my chair with the laptop that is uploading this picture. Boy that water is clear as crystal.

Breakfast at Odell Lake Resort. This was my best outdoor breakfast experience ever. Perfect temperature, faint breeze. I want to compare "best" to the outdoor court at The Venetian in Las Vegas (Vegas' best kept secret), but they are so different.

Forest, forest, forest, everywhere I look. Lions tigers and bears – oh my!

There was a restaurant in Los Altos called The Black Forest. Inside were windows looking out on a narrow alley. On the alley walls were paintings of the Black Forest of Bavaria. Odell's view reminded me of that except I've got the real forest. This is the crowning moment of my RV's back window.

Christmas all year around at the office-store.

Lake Odell spills out as a river.

About ten minutes East of Lake Odell is Crescent Lake. They look much the same. There is also a restaurant here.





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