Shasta Lake – Mountain Gate RV Park

I'm feeling the heat from the very tip of Sacramento Valley. It's supposed to be 90 by the end of the week. This is the first use of my air-conditioner. After five minutes I had to turn it off because I was getting too cold.
Several things are going on here: Shasta Lake, Mount Shasta, Lake Shasta Caverns, and Shasta Dam, Whiskytown Lake, Burney Falls, Castle Crags – oh and a spiffy miniature golf place a few minutes away. They actually have a miniature golf tournament here called the Shasta Damboree.

I chose this RV Park because it's listed as the top 100. Complimentary breakfast every morning. I like how it's hill-terraced.

I hear Mt. Shasta is a spiritual vortex and that I should do something "new age" but it's all to many boundaries for me – but I'll stay open to things as usual :)

"The most mysterious place in North America. There are Lemurians and survivors of other "Lost Civilizations" who roam the mountain freely and occasionally wander into town to trade gold for supplies. Plus, little men who seldom come out except at night to collect edibles and return to their secret cavern homes. Native Americans residing in the backwoods say they have not only heard the screams of Bigfoot, but have seen these hairy creatures close-up. Telos, the capitol of the Inner Earth is occupied by the Ascended Masters of Wisdom."

The dam is second in size only to the Grand Coulee. I went on the tour – similar to Hoover Dam in Vegas.

Saturday night we had a bonfire with s'mores. I had heard of them but never tried them. It was good they passed around a wet towel to clean your fingers.

John's official swimming spot at Trinity Lake, Whiskytown. I went on a Monday, so no one else was around. It was in the high 80's so I waded in up to my chest – still a bit cold to fully swim, since I'm spoiled by the 85 degree pool back at the RV park. Then a group of four fish swam up to me to check me out. They were very curious and didn't seem afraid. So I flicked the water with my thumb and index finger and they thought that was great. What I liked about this spot at Trinity, was that there were all kinds of flat rocks you could sit on for however deep you wanted to be in the water. I sat for quite a time in the shady part and never used my sun-block.This clear water and intoxicating pine smell reminded me of when I was a kid at Lake Tahoe in the 50's:

However, immediately after, I went to WaterWorks Park in Redding and did need the sun-block. Unless you love heights, I don't recommend the Avalanche. After I did this, it was only natural to go to McDonalds for a cheeseburger, fries, and a Oreo McFlurry :)

The is the hub of history for the Shasta area – the Shasta City Museum. It was the original courthouse in the 1850's. They even have the gallows to hang criminals in the back. They were big on hangings. Ahh, the old west. Well done.

You'd never guess they have art museum quality paintings inside in addition to the trinkets of the time.

This is the boat to take us across the lake to the Shasta Caverns.

Up on the hill coming out of the caverns, I took this shot of the marina of Holiday Harbor, my next RV park.



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