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I haven't posted anything on my RV site since December 2012.
It's now March 2014. I may post a bit now and then.

I converted my RV to a painting studio and will show it here.

I pulled out the dining area and built an over-head motorized easel. The recliner
is my multipurpose chair from computing to painting to eating to watching
movies – actually everything besides sleeping, though I could since it fully reclines.

You can see here a portrait is of Jared, my friend who I'm teaching painting. This is the first step of painting, called an underpainting. It's layers of stain on the canvas prior to the final flesh tones in oil. He will be copying my steps of this painting to do his own.

The rack of the tubes of paint you see in the middle are my pre-mixed paints for hair and flesh that I'm working on for portraits I am designing from scratch.

Here is a close-up of the underpainting of Jared. It is life-size.

Here is a better view of my easel. I sit back in my recliner, and the motor
glides the painting to me as far as I need.
There is a second motor that adjusts the tilt of the canvas.
Next to it is my Macbook Pro Retina, and above that, an iPad3 for watching movies while I paint. I use Cloudload, a download service where I can watch practically any movie I can enter into their search – even movies in theaters now and ones that aren't even out yet.

Another view. The Mac is mounted on the easel just enough to the side to
give me room for the canvas.

In the cab area is another workstation. That is my computer graphics tablet which I paint and draw on. It plugs into my Macbook. I turned the passenger seat sideways.

At the cab-end of my overhead easel is another piece of equipment that slides
along the overhead track. It is a 1080p digital projector to project my drawings to
the canvas.

I older days, painters used a grid system to transfer drawings to canvas but now we have better technology.

To make more room, I pulled the swivel chair and replaced it with my beverage
center. That's my Bunn coffee maker. I brew mostly herbal coffee. I also do hot chocolate and decaf.
Those two lights above are what lights my painting. They are the type used by photographers because of their balance daylight.

In addition to my studio, I also have my Ham Radio set up to the side of my chair. It is completely software defined. The actual radio box with all the electronics is sitting next to it – the slim dark blue box on the right. I talk to other Hams all over the world from here.

Here is a close up of the application. This is Windows 8.1 loaded in Boot camp on a 13 inch Macbook Pro Retina.
I also set it up in my car and drive up into high mountains for better reception. I will post pictures of that later. I will also post pictures of Jared's finished painting.

(March 28 2014) I went out on one of my weekly runs in the redwoods.
I usually follow the creak trails. Here is Fall Creek just after a big rain we had.
I never saw so much gold washed up on the banks.

(July 2 2014) My garden in back of RV at 5 PM..

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