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I found what may be my favorite Italian restaurant – Scopazzi's, nestled in the redwoods of Boulder Creek. The Ravioli-Gorgonzola was the best ravioli yet. The clam chowder was bounding with flavor.

I like the atmosphere of dim Tiffany lights. Then they lit the fireplace which gave off a great aroma.

I try to eat wise portions, so I ate half and boxed the rest for later. They gave me my own generous bowl of fresh grated Parmesan.

Nice to end on a sweet note with rainbow sherbet.


Off to Big Sur to check out the redwoods. I am collecting photo source material for the forest-garden background in my philosophy website. I left at 5AM in order to catch the rising sun.
First I had breakfast at Big Sur Inn.

They have cozy cabins.

Then lunch at Big Sur Lodge.

The Valley View Salad. Organic with extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette.

The lodge had interesting lawns lit by the morning sun.

On the way back, a stop in Carmel.


Another best kept secret of Santa Cruz County: Nisene Marks State Park, Aptos.


On a whim, I drove up Coastal Highway 1 and ended in Pacifica. I had lunch at Nick's Restaurant in Rockaway Beach and had Nick's Famous Grilled Crab And Tomato Sandwich. It was the most generous amount of crab I've ever had in a sandwich.

The restaurant has been there since the 30's.

They call it Rockaway for obvious reasons.


I brought my bike in for its 6000 mile check-up. It needed a part ordered, it was near the weekend, so I rented a car for a week. I forget how nice it was to have a passenger car, so I decided to buy one. I thought it would be nice to have an American car for a change so I got a Cadillac CTS. Its fully loaded with the premium package. Nice Bose sound inside. My first day out had a light drizzle (the way I like the redwoods). The windshield wipers know when to swipe based on the amount of water on the windshield. So I let them decide. Now and then they would swipe when the sprinkles built up.

I first took it out to lunch at the Tyrolean Inn Restaurant in Ben Lomand.

A lot of character.

German music wafted around. Yodeling, but also a Mozart concerto.

So here is the CTS out in the light drizzle.

This is the back parking lot of theTyrolean Inn Restaurant. In this picture I dropped in a waterfall for a bit more glamour. It has all-wheel drive for better traction in mountain driving. So far it seems this car has more bells and whistles than my BMW 650i had. You keep the key-less remote in your pocket and never have to touch it for everything to work. If my iPod is playing, it waits ten minutes to turn it off after I stop the engine.
As far as I know, I'll keep the Can-Am, though I think it may not get much use for a while.

I remembered that pose from Cars.

The seats are both heated and ventilated. The side mirrors are also heated.
I like the mirror-polished real wood trim.
Quality material is fun for me.

Yet there are other ways of looking at quality in a more subjective way.

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