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I just got a Blu-ray ROM to plug into my Mac Pro Retina. Ripping Blu-ray movies makes
about a 22 GB non-lossy file. I can then make an MP4 of about 4 Gigs. Bypassing the encryption is no problem with all the software out there.

This is a per-pixel image from Disney's Pinocchio on my Retina. You can really get in there and see the background watercolor artwork like never before.


Well, I rode in my Can-am Spyder to see Spiderman 3D. They asked me if I wanted a D-box seat for an extra 8 bucks. I said, sure why not. The usher said, here is a control on the seat for intensity. I turned it up all the way – why not. It moved in all directions in addition to a vibrator. Okay, that was fun.

I was thinking that it would be entertaining to have the D-box mechanism mounted under my RV
instead. I could watch the best disaster movie ever: 2012. I would be inside my my RV with the
Mac Retina flying all over the place. Oh wait, it is 2012 – maybe I won't need it! :)
Click in the image above for the movie clip.

On a more pastoral note, here is a 1080p screen-shot from Disney's Tangled:



Possibly Santa Cruz County's best kept secret: Loch Lomand Lake.


Redwoods and water.

My first choice to sit.

My second choice to sit.

Oh hell, they're all good. I'm coming back for a boat rental ride and I'll take more pics.

This sign came up not far down the first trail.
In a few days, Mac OSX Mountain Lion is coming out and I'm going to download the upgrade.

Ya know, I don't think I will go there with that joke after all :)

It was an unusually warm day, so I cooled off at Ben Lomand Park.


Since I plan on staying around here for a while, I did some work on the garden. A neighbor asked me if I hired someone to do it. I have inspired neighbors to improve their's too. I've been giving them my input. From far to near:

It's nice to have an intimate spot to sit surrounded by mountains and redwoods.

Ferns under my own 80 foot redwood tree.

Lights are on a timer until 3:30 in the morning.

My lit gazing ball at night.
Everything is on a timed drip system so I don't need to water by hand.


Chris finished his time with me and he is off on a camping adventure. Eventually he
wants to make it to the desert for a spiritual quest in the wild. With him gone I am
now spiffing up the place to be more elegant. I'm enjoying my private space back.
Above is a more elegant solution to the wire-box in the Beaux Arts style or the Pullman
Coach decor.

I have a ways to go yet :)


I said I would return to Loch Lomand Lake for a boat ride, so here it is:

I got the blue paddle-boat #12.

It was an unusually warm day so I hung out mostly in the deep shadowy ravines.

I docked on an island to exercise my sea-legs.

Another shadowy ravine.

I could have parked and walked this trail up the hill, but today was for water.


Voted best Italian Restaurant for six years: Ristorante Italiano, Santa Cruz.

Famous for their three-story mural.
The bread could have had more flavor but everything else was great.

I liked the three-tiered fountain. Not that unlike the one I built in my garden when I had a house.



It's time for my audio to catch up with my video.

In the front cab above the car seats are my horns and tweeters. These are high-end components.
They are meant to be recessed in a speaker cabinet, but this will sound fine. My blue spray
paint job makes them sparkle as interesting objects to look at on their own. You can hardly see
them though, unless you open my lace curtain that covers the cab.

They aren't puny either. Here is my hand to show their scale. This is big sound. Big does not necessarily mean it has to be loud. These mids and highs will be penetrating and bright at any level. The horn is
cast aluminum so it's not as heavy as it looks.

One of the woofers goes in the seat cabinet on the left and the other goes behind the
upholstered chair on the right. This woofer is extremely efficient so that even an low levels
you can feel the bass.

This is my crossover network. It sends out the highs, mids, and lows separately.
Thanks to Santa Cruz Electronics for the nice connectors.

When dealing with sound, there are three levels of priority. #1 the speakers, #2 the source material, and #3 the amplifier. You could spend a lot on an amplifier and gain a little. Amplifier technology has not improved all that much over the years and inexpensive circuits will do a good job. I went to Best Buy and got a basic 270 watt Sony amplifier. Source material is #2 because sound depends on the quality of the microphones and how well the sound was staged during recording. I have heard a significant difference in dynamic sound from various recordings. However, all Hollywood movies are at a high level because there is an Academy Award for it. Nothing will make more of a difference than good speakers. Speakers are #1 and where you get the most value for your effort.

Some day when I have more room I should try one of these. It kind of looks like
something I might build except I'd do a bit more Beaux Arts panache.

So my RV is now also a speaker cabinet. It's fun to have an RV that looks normal on the outside but that gives you an unexpected surprise when you enter.


I finally took the Beach Train from Felton to the Boardwalk.
Here is a video to click on.


Sept 3 Labor Day

I had a somewhat healthier alternative to the Labor Day hotdog.
This is a whole wheat bun (actually quite soft and fragrant, not mealy) with melted
extra sharp cheddar cheese. With the pickles, mustard, and mayo, it packed a good
flavor punch. However, no substitute for a Coke.

Then I ate it while watching how well my flowers are doing. To the far left is what is
called a naked lady – probably because it has no foliage. It came up by itself – what in
gardening is called a volunteer. I just have to be careful that I don't tell people that a naked
lady volunteered to be in my garden.

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