Santa Cruz Ranch RV Park, Scotts Valley, CA

Here we are in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Lot's of monumental redwoods nearby, so I will check them out. Chris wants to be here for meetings in Santa Cruz called Satsangs ["This typically involves listening to or reading scriptures, reflecting on, discussing and assimilating their meaning, meditating on the source of these words, and bringing their meaning into one’s daily life"].


My backyard: Henry Cowell Redwoods State park. I'm getting a year pass for the California State parks, so I plan on staying around here a while to soak up the redwoods. Here are some Cowell pics:

Ready for my blue chair and knee-high boots.

Ready for boots and cigar.

Things are looking up. As of now, with this, I have no reason to go to travel all the way to Washington.



While Chris was in a Satsang, I went out to the boardwalk.

I paid close attention to the three Wurlitzer band organs that were playing
consecutively. I like that sound and decor.

I remember the Boardwalk as a kid in the 1950's: particularly the spinning barrel.

There is so much to explore entering the Fall Creek Unit of Henry Cowell Park. I've been out several time as week. Lush, lush, lush.


Out with my boots to wade in the river at Henry Cowell Redwoods.

I don't know if this is real gold or fools gold, but I'm content to be fooled. I imagined what the 1849 prospectors felt like following the glitter.

About as big as I found.

Train tracks run over the river. Later I'll take the train to Santa Cruz.


Pleasant ride – under two hours through the redwoods in a loop. Later I will take the train that goes to the boardwalk at the beach. Click on this photo for the movie clip.


On the domestic front, I upgraded my vacuum cleaner. It is perfectly suited for my place. It is impressively silent with all the suction I require. The Dyson DC35 Multi floor. It seems like the iPhone of vacs. I recommend it for RVers.


Some redwood – can-am pictures.


Early morning walk in my back yard. These pictures were taken with my iPhone. It does a
good job for me and is very convenient.


Chris is good at movie sharing on the web. He gets so many movies that I put my Dish on hold. Above are shots from the Ernest movies – Jim Varney. If you like simple honest physical comedy, I recommend them. Yes, they are meant mostly for the ten year old boy audience, but I guess I still have that in me.


My reverse-osmosis water purifier installation. I had to do a bit of
carpentry under the sink to make it all fit. Now when I take a drink, it
goes down nice and smooth.

While I was at it, I installed a good Price-Phister faucet on the left. The handle
movement is as smooth as silk. To the right is the osmosis faucet. At its bottom
behind the black lens is an flashing light that comes on to remind you when
to change the filter. The water flow rate is much greater than precious filters
I've had. I picked it up at Home Depot for $150. There is always a Home
Depot nearby, so that makes it easy to get filters.


Just had the Macbook Pro Retina delivered today. I'm selling my old Macbook and 21" iMac.
The Retina will be my second backup Mac. 5 million pixels on the screen.
Here is a 1080p (1920 pixels wide) HD Movie; "How To Train Your Dragon."

Here are the actual pixels of the Viking's eye close up and the speaker icon on the control bar. This picture was taken with a macro lens on my iPhone. I can't see those pixels with my naked eye.

Watching the "Planet Earth" Series is like looking through a
camera viewfinder in real time. It's almost spooky.
Still, the real thing in my back yard is nicer. I can sit with the laptop too.


Ever have a mess of wires behind your computer?

This simply got out of hand – a vacuum nightmare.
Here is my solution – a box with cover. Holy-moley, what a clean-up!

Chris had his mess too.


Also I keep my iMac from jumping around while driving – a strap at the base:

I ordered that Navy blue satin and have used it all around the computers.
Chris thinks it is vibrant.

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