San Diego RV Resort, La Mesa, CA

Well, It's been a while since I posted. I had a two day vacation from my vacation when a client invited me to stay at her condo in Ocean Beach while she was away. It's a five-minute drive form Seaworld. She has a corner unit with what she said are outrageous views of the ocean.

Balcony view: At sunset, people gather to watch. The pool is a good temperature.

This is classic Southern California.

A magnet for surfers.

Every night at 9:50, the fireworks go off at Seaworld. The cone you see is the look-out tower ride draped with lights like the US flag. I watched it from the pier and from her condo.


And now for something completely different :)

From my last post you saw that I was busy with I Am Totality meetings, coaching, and the website. I recently met someone who wants to organize locations and gather people for ongoing classes. I just finished a huge overhaul of my website. It is a dual website with a quick-surf side that is much more user friendly. Illustrating the dog and owl was a kick:

The next fun was making YouTube videos.
Here I animated one of my portraits to interact with me:

That gave me an idea to create a cousin website called I Paint Totality. So now, in addition to Coaching, I am spending my time getting back to digital painting. I will draw on my visits to the Pacific Northwest for background images to the portraits. This website will give a detailed applied context to using the information from I Am Totality. Depending on how industrious I am, I may also use it as a gallery to sell my works.
I have no idea how long I'll stay in San Diego, but the SD RV Resort in La Mesa is the only place that suits me, so I'll just RV long-term there. Possibly next spring I may head up to the Northern Cal Redwoods, but so many things are happening that I'm not going to predict.




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