San Diego RV Resort, La Mesa, CA

Back in the San Diego RV Resort. I like this place the best of all Resorts in the area. The pool is 86 and it's more quiet than KOA. Plus, La Mesa is where I'm now doing my marketing training.

I met a client for lunch at "The Del." That's the most famous hotel landmark in San Diego. The weather here is to my suiting.

Anyway, I've been busy professionalizing myself. Here are some things:

A business card: (I use the name John Abe because it's easy to pronounce
and remember, plus it puts me at the top of the alphabetical lists)

A handout flier:

A Coaching postcard handout:
(if you notice, those gold round ornaments at the bottom
are from photos of my curtain valances in the RV)

And an ad in two local magazines:

I'm getting my site fixed up with the search engines, and am also working with a Journalist to make the wording in my website more simple to understand. Still, it's at a leisurely pace.


By popular demand I'm making a glossary for my website. I really enjoy doing this artwork.

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