San Diego RV Resort, La Mesa, CA

It's 85 degrees in the RV with the door open, so as far as I'm concerned, this is summer. Nice to be out of the desert for a change. It feels very California here.


My first stop of many at Balboa Park.
This place is very rich visually: the layout plus 15 museums.
I've seen pictures of the Panama Exposition of Chicago ~1915. This was like walking into it. The style is called Spanish Renaissance. To me it's the Renaissance with bulky Mayan cauliflower dabbed on. But overall, not bad at all.

Inside here is the Museum of Man. They cover every scientific explanation about why man is the way he is.

According to them, this is the first handyman. Evidence of using tools. I have inside information from metaphysics, that apes actually devolved from humans, but don't tell that to the scientific community as it would ruffle their feathers :)

Some day there will be exhibits of the celestial beings who authored man's majestic magical beauty. Today it's only what you can kick and squeeze. They'll also include man's other four bodies: astral, mental, causal, and one all-person. Then they will include the first five laws of the universe which are man's first five laws:

Right now, this museum typifies the fourth law: "As an isolated recipient, He seeks events to know who He is, what will happen, and what He can do. With that, He uses His ONE all-mind to seemingly prove whatever He finds. The adventure begins."


Interesting exhibit on gaming.

Hey McDonalds, check out these golden arches.

I'm an admirer of monumentalism.

Well, if I'm looking for warm weather next winter, I'll skip the desert. I'll either do Florida or come back to this general area again. I feel much more at home here. You just don't see comfy pics like this in the desert.

And I have a private creek in front of my RV. It's not Balboa, but it's quaint and nice to sit with my cigar.

I saw an animated movie today called "Rango" with Johnny Depp as the main voice. George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic (behind Star Wars) took on the special effects. This is the first animated movie that looks like a live-action movie. The detail is taken to the limit of photo-realism. I thought Disney's Ratatouille was impressive, but this goes beyond that. I'm glad Rango can make so much money that it can hire the hundreds of artists needed. This is probably a trend that will change the way animated films are done now.


Seaworld has the same public appeal as it did some 50 years ago when I saw it last. People getting drenched by big fish:

Hey, two in front like my motorcycle.

It's impressive when these things wave head and tail to you on land.

The most entertaining for me was the clown-like personality of this walrus. He just loves what he does separated only by inches of glass.

Shook hands with this sting-ray. Surprisingly soft and spongy. In the movie Ocean’s Thirteen, George Clooney tells Al Pacino, “You shook hands with Sinatra – you should know better.” Hopefully I know something better now having shaken hands with a sting-ray.
I asked the gal in charge there how the 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin got killed by one of these. She showed me the knife-like barb that they cut off of them for the show. She said that it stabbed him in the heart and that he pulled it out and bled to death. If he didn't pull it out, he might have survived, but that it was a natural reaction to pull it out.

I keep getting Balugas confused with Oopa-loopas. Balugas are the white whale, Oopa-loopas are from Willy Wonka. Interesting how this gal's face is similar to the Baluga :)
Day tickets are good for a year. I'm going back later in the week to do the two rides where you get soaked. I just need to bring my motorcycle rain-gear pants.


It's quite comfy here in San Diego. My plan was to head up to Santa Barbara, Big Sur Redwoods, cross over to Highway 5, and then to the Pacific Northwest and Canada. However I'm going to check out forming a discussion group here for I Mister Totality. I'm curious to see how enjoyable that is. So I'm putting my Northwest plans on hold to see how it goes here. I'll continue to post adventures for this area. I'm going to first travel around on my bike and check out all the RV park options in the area.

Today I saw a comedy movie called "Paul." Two British tourist guys rent an RV in San Diego (not mine), to travel to Area 51. They run into an alien called Paul who has been held by the U.S. government for years. Kind of like E. T., he needs help to escape where his ship will pick him up. They hug just before the alien gets on board, but unlike the gentle innocence of E. T., joker Paul says, "Okay guys, that's enough, I can feel your boner." It's kind of cute, so I recommend it.


Okay, San Diego Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park. Some little fun thing, right? Not! "At 28,000 square feet, the museum is the world's largest operating model railroad museum." This has got to be thee Mecca for anyone who likes model trains. With the labor that goes into a place like this, you're talking hundreds of volunteers. Must be tough volunteering for so much – ya know, keeping track?

This was my era. I had a Lionel 3-rail O gauge on a 4X8 foot 3/4 ply on two saw horses. It was in a separate little house in the backyard that later became my Ham Radio shack. I mixed up flour and salt and food coloring with news-paper and chicken wire to make mountains.

My Lionel was something like this.

And I remember the smoke pellets. There was a heater coil in the engine stack. You dropped in these pellets and they smoked.

I'm not able in photos to show the vastness of these landscapes.

San Francisco?

Here is a scene of military workers keeping out mountain climbers.

It takes place on this model that goes from floor to ceiling.

Sometimes accidents happen while building model railroads.

Some "under" construction. Not like my saw-horses.

A love of labor. This is O scale in the toy train area.

Today the trains have audio chips in them so that they make the real sound of a train moving.

Back in my day they had these bulky power transformers. Today it's all solid-state:



And now, the Natural History Museum across the street.

A saber-toothed tiger. I know how cats like to lick their behind, but I don't think that would be such a good idea for this fella.

Maybe where Steven Spielberg gets ideas for E.T.

Manual tsunami generator.


I've seen two interesting movies lately. Interesting because the show a trend that is new for pop culture to accept. The movie "The Adjustment Bureau" shows that people are accepting the idea that there is an cosmic organizing intelligence behind the events of the universe – even though it had a tinge of "The Matrix" to it. I haven't seen that since the 1940's before God was officially declared dead by pop culture. Then with the movie "Limitless." This was the first time I've seen an individual gain believable super-normal powers where the movie did not give you the message (at the end) that they can only lead to disaster – that all such powers were a kind of bargain with the devil, or that you can't gain advantage without a price to pay that makes them not worth your while. This trend is a natural evolution of consciousness which will leave old-world knowledge behind.

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