San Diego Metro KOA RV Kampground, Chula Vista, CA

Nice atmosphere here. I prefer it over the last place. Less traffic noise and more like a kid's summer camp. Off to try out the pool.


So what happened to John? Did he fall in a ditch or something?
No, just busy with non-RV things.

I have several people here excited about MisterTotality. I secured a location for my first discussion group. I put ads in the local magazines. I'm also working on a professional presentation. For the next ten weeks I'm taking a one-on-one course from a place called "Spiritual Marketing" in La Mesa. May 3 I'll go back to my last RV park in La Mesa to make travel a bit more convenient.

I had never heard of
If you ever want to find a local group of like-minded people who are into whatever you are, I recommend checking it out.

So, looks like I'll be off the RV treck indefinitly. Sorry to those of you who were looking forward to more adventure pictures. But I'll still get out and discover some of those things and take pics, just not quite so often.

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