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Celia was proud of how well the cover for this chair came out. That's fabric on the wall too. Silk flowers in a tiffany sconce.

I did keep a few silk flowers from my flat. This is above the entrance door.

No rattling keys thanks to rubber padding. That wireless remote is for my security system. All the windows and doors are wired. If anyone tries to break in, this remote receives a signal up to a mile away, and tells me what part of the RV was breached, or if the infrared motion detector inside caught something moving. Even if someone tries to cut my battery wires, there is a secondary siren with its own battery that takes over. If I have to stop in a shady looking area for a bite to eat, this thing has me covered. And if I need to nap there, then hear someone trying to break in, the remote has a panic button to sound the alarm.

Moving over a bit, I spruced up the kitchen cabinets with some gilded pieces.

Up on the ceiling are some fun decorative borders.

It goes like this. Another Tiffany with sumptuous billowing fabric.

And who is that seated in front of the forest painting? Why it's Mr. Totality in his 3d model.

And here is a portrait of Holden from my philosophy website. I designed and painted him on the Imac. Oh, that little box near the ceiling to the left is my infrared motion sensor for the alarm.

Now to zero in on some of the fabrics. These colors are masculine and very rich. As a painter, there isn't much difference between mixing colors for a canvas and choosing fabrics in a store.

The other side of the desk-dining area. Believe it or not, I ordered that pillow from Walmart. It's the only decent looking thing they sell :)

This is the view as you walk in the door.

The leg here before was simply too boring, so I did my thing. That thing on the floor is a ten inch amplified sub-woofer called a Bazooka. Because it looks like one, I covered it with fabric. Under the table-top are my wiring connections for computing. There is a 2 terabyte Apple TimeCapsule and external hard drive.

Looking down on my dining and work table.

Here is the view of the cab. On the dash is my Droid phone, ham radio, and a rear-view camera.

With the Droid, if I speak the words, "Pizza in Pacifica" a list of places pop up and then how to get there from my GPS location. It also reads my emails out-loud.

I can't imagine driving without this camera. I would feel blind to everything in back of me.

Now I'm now supposed to do this while driving, but I can watch DVD's with this thing too. It's multiple inputs can switch to my Blu-ray player just above in the cab. The Blu-ray also plays into my HD projector which is mounted on the ceiling in the main area. It projects onto a 2X4 foot panel that I hang in front of the cab curtain. Otherwise I just watch regular DVD's on my Imac.


Okay, that's it. Hope you enjoyed.


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