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Here is Pacifica. That's my push-up telescoping Ham antenna in the back. The RV is a 24 foot Winnebago Chalet. I chose the 24 foot because that is the smallest size that has a normal-level queen size bed: no bunking or folding down things.
For those of you who saw pictures of my SF flat, you know I had a big load of stuff to get rid of. I have no permanent storage. Everything I own fits in the RV.

From the entrance side you can see my storage bin in the back. The orange things under the wheels are leveling blocks. The pavement slopes and you don't want to walk around inside with everything tilted. The surface of the RV is fiberglass. I just put five coats of varnish on it so that it's shiny and protected.

Here is the feed-point of my antenna – the box is my automatic tuner. And of course my call-sign is W7SDB.

Speaking of bed, here it is. I had a good time with fabrics as you can see. The bedspread is made of $50 a yard silk Jacquard bordered in royal blue velvet. Thanks goes to Cecile of Cecile's Attic in San Mateo for sewing many of my fabrics.

This is what I see when I look up in bed. That is a Tiffany-style lamp.

A shot of it.

Then at the foot of the bed is a shelf for my laptop.

Morning sun.

Gotta have some flowers in the bedroom.

Before we do more inside, here is my scooter all covered and ready to go with me. Oh yes, the name of my RV is Mr. Totality. There He is.

And the scooter posing. It's a 150cc Buddy International. Not exactly my BMW 650i, but hey I don't have to tow it. Yes the BMW is gone too.

Outside, I have my water connect going through a dual filter. It removes heavy metals and micro-organisms. All the connections are quick-disconnect so I can be off with no fuss.

This is where your first foot goes. The step box is lined with leather, and then in you go with my "Las Vegas Bellagio lobby" type carpet. I installed the carpet myself because I wasn't sure anyone else could get it right.


This is what you first see. That's my dining and office table.

There is my Verizon 3G USB dongle. The speed is not bad at all. I just download a few movies a month and get the rest snail-mail from Netflix.

Here is a broad shot of the living area. Behind the curtains is the driver cab.

These are my multimedia speakers. I did a search of audiophile sites. They said that Bose was high priced junk and to instead get these Swan speakers which they said were the best. These were shipped in their own silken bags with white gloves to handle them.

Just enough space. Well, almost.

I use two designer towels from Macy's. One is for the pool and the other for showering.

I just love this Shark Roadster vac. It has plenty of power, has HEPA filtration, and is bag-less. This was the only place I could think of to store it and have it easily accessible.

Now the toilet is a bit more complicated than residential. I you want just water in the bowl, you pull the rinse lever. If you wan't to flush and rinse you pull both. I'll let your imagination fill in the practical details :) If I'm not hooked to RV park water, a water pump draws from the fresh water tank in the RV.