Rainforest Resort, Lake Quinault, WA

From the Olympic Forest Scenic Drive on Highway 101, this is my first stop. Lake Quinault is a gem of a resort. The very first thing I did when I got here was jump in the lake. I'm in a rainforest but it doesn't rain this time of year. The 12 feet of rain a year comes another time.

Look at the size of that spruce tree behind me.

After the weekend, almost everyone left.

This is hilarious. I swear I didn't know this was here. Right on the RV property is the largest Spruce tree in the world. Maybe I would have come just for its sake. I would say, "Eat your heart our Howard Hughes," but the goose's wingspan is 320 feet and this tree is only 191 feet tall.

There is definitely more humidity here.

Sun going down on blue chair.

Sun going more down on blue chair.

Down down, and still warm here. It was 92 today.

Resort restaurant. I had a baked potato and cup of coffee. Hit the spot.

Deep in the rainforest. This is the first time I drank from a stream. Then a young couple showed up. He took off his clothes and dunked in one of the pools. The water was warm enough, but I prefer to have swim trunks and a towel. Maybe next time.

More deep rainforest – in the evening.

Walking back into it further. It cooled off in the last few days.

The starry sky at night is quite striking. I never noticed cloud-like star formations before. I've only seen them in space pictures. At first I thought there were actually clouds in the sky, but it turned out to be big star masses.



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