Prospect RV Park - Prospect, Oregon

Very pretty location. Easier access to Crater Lake.

My infinite forest backyard.

I'm in the scenic loop called the Umpqua Scenic Drive. It loops east off of and back to Highway 5. I may stay at one more park on the loop. This area is called the Avenue of Waterfalls. I took pics of three of them so far.


Off to Crater Lake. That water was as blue as blue gets. This is a must see for any trip to Oregon.

The ride there via Umpqua Scenic Drive was indeed scenic.
This is Rogue Gorge - well, leading to it. I sat in my chair for a while and went over some text that I wanted to refine on my philosophy site.

Then 100 feet away was ice cream. One scoop chocolate, one scoop pistachio nut.

Another 100 feet, Rogue Gorge. "Nature's rock garden."

Try saying "Rogue Gorge, Lloyd George, Rogue Gorge, Lloyd George" really fast ten times in a row :)

Then to end my day in Prospect, a few minutes away from the RV park, with chair in hand, I sat and finished the sunset.


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