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New Years Eve party in the clubroom at the RV Park. I did the whole thing – Champagne, hat, horn, and hugging. We had caesar salad, clam-chowder bread bowls, and a white cake. We did it on New York time so that it was over at 9PM. The seniors like to be in bed early.



I went to my first RV rally today – a kind of RV convention. I've never seen so many RV's.
There were big tents with vendors:

Towards the end of viewing the RV's for sale, I saw this on. A Prevost million-dollar one. After that I didn't want to see another.

It was impressive inside.

So if I'm going to do an upgrade, I'll wait until I organize my resources to get one of these.
Anyway, it was a great day for a ride out to this place - 78 degrees. I bought a new jacket to wear with the Can-Am. It matches the blue. With my black pants and shoes, it looks like I'm part of the bike. I got it at Sacks Fifth Avenue. Much more than one would expect to pay for a wind-breaker, but the quality was so good that it was worth it. With just a tee-shirt underneath, I was a good temperature. Now that it's unlikely that I'll fall over, I don't need a heavy protective jacket.

People are honking their horns and giving me thumbs-up and big smiles. This thing brings out the kid in males.


Beautiful day, so up into the San Bernardino Mountains. Just can't keep me out of the forest for long.

It was 72 degrees up here around 3000 feet. This is a popular motorcycle route. I must have had 50 guys wave at me.


Also drove through Paseo Drive – Palm Spring's answer to Beverly Hill's Rodeo Drive:

Sacks Fifth is in here.

Nearby you can pick this house up for 9 million.

Palm Springs is the golf capital of the world. Bob Hope Drive is nearby Paseo.

You're likely to see expensive cars on Paseo Drive.


Miniature golf today. Pretty place.

Reminded me a bit of Disneyland. I decided to do that on my way to San Diego and do the Anaheim RV Park.

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