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I just put up a new antenna. I been building antennas ever since I can remember and it never seems to stop. This is a wi-fi antenna. With its amplifier, it has a range of up to five miles. That's a telescoping painter's pole from Lowe's. I lower it when traveling. And of course, a rotator at the bottom to hone in on my victim.

I like to watch YouTube while sitting to eat but that would take me over my 5 gig a month limit on Verizon easily. This should give me all I need. It does so far. I also have had instances where the RV park signal was too weak due to trees. This antenna would have done the trick. I've been watching Jeeves and Wooster, and The Three Stooges pie fights. The Three Stooges have the best pie fights ever (here). I like the slap sound effect when a pie hits a face.

I also watched the entire "It's A Wonderful Life" on YouTube, and I ordered it on Blue-ray. It should be here before Christmas.

Now you may ask, "But what happened to your Piaggio ramp and electric winch? – It's missing in the wi-fi antenna picture."
Well, I went to Malcolm Smith Motorsports in Riverside for the second scheduled maintenance on my Piaggio. Malcolm Smith is the #1 motorcycle legend, and his dealership is the largest and best in the country. On the second floor he has a museum hall-of-fame about himself.

"Malcolm Smith was a pioneer in off-road motorcycling. He gained fame for his accomplishments in the Baja 1000 and for his gold-medal winning rides in the International Six Day Enduro competitions, but by far his biggest claim to fame was being a star of the influential 1970s motorcycle movie, "On Any Sunday." The scenes of Smith play-riding with his buddies, which included popular actor Steve McQueen, showed people across the country just how fun motorcycling could be. The movie helped launch an explosion in the popularity of off-road motorcycling in America."

the movie

There I met the Can-am Spyder tricycle. It seemed to be a good match for me, so I traded in the Piaggio and ramp for a blue Can-am.

With all the fees, mine came to about $24K. Then I needed a way to haul it, so I bought a ramp trailer specially made for it:

That was delivered here yesterday amidst the S. California record rainfall. That's an aluminum top, so it's feather-light for one person to move around. It folds up and stores 40" deep. It also has a hydraulic lift for the back section.

And then today, Santa came with his sleigh a few days early. His elves were a bit bigger than I expected. They took a half-hour to run me through everything I need to know to operate it, but tonight I'll sit down with the manual. I like the automatic transmission and the fact that I can't fall over. It has all the high-tech features of a BMW – a computer on wheels.

Santa: "So John, now that you've got your Can-am, what are you going to do?"

John: "I'm going to Disneyland!" [Well actually, I'm going to take a few weeks to break it in on shorter distances, then I'll go.]


Dec. 25.  I took the Can-am out yesterday for the first time. I get to a parking lot and someone wants to take a picture of it and then me on it. He asked all the questions about it. I feel like a celebrity.
Christmas party today of lots of fun stuff to eat at the club room here at the RV park. I'm making friends as I'm staying longer. RV people make the best friends. I signed up for another month.
Watched "It's A Wonderful Life" in blu-ray tonight. I've only seen this movie on regular resolution broadcast TV. I got to see what Clarence looks like close-up. I took this picture of my HD screen:


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