Olympia Campground, Tumwater, WA

I finished the Olympia Scenic Drive. I'm stopping in Tumwater because I just like the name and this place has a heated pool :)

I remember Olympia Beer's TV commercials. Something about Tumwater. It wasn't Hamm's: "From the land of sky blue waters, beer refreshing, beer refreshing, bum-bum-bum-bump." I remember Olympia Beer's jingle: "It's the water the water the water the water that makes Olympia Beer..."
"Tumwater got its name from a Chinook Jargon phrase tumtum chuck meaning "waterfall" or "rapids" (literally "heartbeat water")."

"The weather in Tumwater resembles that of England with fair-weather conditions and gray, wet winters. The mild climate favors lushly forested landscapes with plenty of ferns and moss. It is an ideal gardening climate that favors all four seasons. Even though Tumwater, in the southern portion of Puget Sound, may be recognized for rainy days, our average annual rainfall is a mere 51 inches, even less than Atlanta, New Orleans, or Houston."


Olympia, Washington's Capitol, is right next door.

I had a swim in the Dumbwaiter pool. It's good for my tum – and my thighs and my waist, but mostly my tum.
Drinking beer definitely does not help my tum, so I don't :)
I also picked up a local cooked whole crab. That was a bit of work getting through the shells, but I kept getting enough meat to inspire me to keep working.

I have a friend who reads these posts, so I'll kid him here. He is on a seefood diet. Whatever he sees, he eats. If you're at a restaurant with him, he'll finish up any scraps you leave. His friends call him the garbage disposal. Actually he has an aversion to shellfish. So if you ever go out to eat with him and feel selfish, have shellfish.

No sight-seeing today, except for the local Radio Shack store. With winter coming, I thought it a good idea to refine my heating system. I use an electric heater instead of propane, to conserve propane and because electric is included in my park fee. I've been using an electronically controlled space heater up until now, but I like having a wall thermostat where I can enter in the exact temperature and even program it. So I installed the controller above, and bought a simple ceramic space heater. With low and high power 12 volt relays from Radio Shack, the heater gets switched on with the wall controller. The controller is within hand's reach from my bed because it's at night when the temperature is most sensitive. Works great.


Off to the Capitol Building. It's raining, but I do pretty well on my bike while raining. I have rain-pants but didn't need them. Cloudy tomorrow and then clear for a week.

Now that's a light fixture. Darn, not enough head-room in my RV.

Getting decor ideas for my next RV. Those columns would have to be thin plastic to be light enough :)

Bathroom sink fixture in my RV?

Nice lamp. Maybe above the bed. But then it would swing too much while driving.

Yes, a dome. That's what i need.

Now let's see. Over the driver cab area?

Here is Ms. Freedom before they put her on top.

Maybe a Mr. Freedom with a bit less drapery and lose the feathers. Hood ornament? It could stand four feet on my table up against the window. I'll think about it.

Definitely need a bigger RV for that stuff. I like this Dynamax Grand Sport Ultra best. I don't care for the blunt-front bus RV look. This looks more like a serious truck. Now I could get a little more classic look like that 30's Packard...

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