Mounthaven Resort, Ashford, WA


A chile-dog at the Visitors Center. The only problem with a chile-dog is that you can't put mustard, relish, and other stuff on it – well I guess you could – but I'm a purist. Hey Debbie, the bun was real soft. (Debbie will be reading this and hot dogs are her favorite food)

I didn't see any deer up here like there was a Hurricane Ridge.

"It is man. He is here again. There are many this time. We must go deep into the woods." (Bambi's father speaking to him) Bambi: "But the guy with the Piaggio and cigar knows we are his totality, so he's okay."

Lasagna at the lodge: National Park Inn. Very quiet on a weekday this time of year.

After the Lasagna, I'm fit to go off to Carter Trail and Falls. Park here. That's why they call it a Park :)

As I started the trail here, a hiker walked by and said, "I was just thinking I should have brought a cigar. I would have sat down here and smoked it with this view." I just smiled, puffed, and sat down on a rock.

Nice trail huh? This may be the most scenic trail I've been on. Rainier is so underrated.

The falls are coming up any time now. You can hear the water.

Carter Falls.


Shadow Trail:

More shadowy.

Into the light.

I should send John Muir to my Mistertotality website for a quote upgrade :)

I found a great spot for my blue chair.
And this is the view.

6 PM and the colors are deepening.

More color, anyone?

6:30 PM. Time to head back.

Back to Christine Falls the next day. Found a nice spot on the trail to sit and overlook the falls.

On the Christine trail.

It falls and falls and falls. This view could easily be Switzerland.

Cloud cover came in today.

The top was socked in.

So this day I was equipped with my thermal underwear. The wind-chill factor for a motorcyclist is a serious matter. I also had ski-gloves to ride with today. My chair was hidden from the visitor outlook. I heard people say, "I smell a cigar. It must be coming from that trail down there. Yea, it smells good."

A nice kind of partly cloudy – a Rainier toupee.


I went to the local arts festival here in Ashford. There was a young guy there with his booth set up with him painting. He was doing acrylic on canvas of Mt. Rainier. So I watched him paint and started to comment, telling him little things he could try here and there. He listened carefully so I continued. I let him in on secrets of painting realistically with acrylics – how to set up his pallet to keep the paint moist, store mixed colors, handle his brushes and keep them clean, and the use of a damp sponge to help him with gradations, to use a hair drier to judge dryed colors ten times faster. I told him that if he could control the three of line, edge, and value, he would always get whatever he wanted. I suggested exercises to help control them. By the time I finished with him he was beaming and acting like a different person. I may have enjoyed it as much as he did.

I learned much about painting with acrylics because for a while, my major at Art Center was illustration before I changed it to fine art. Most fine art painters who do realism, paint in oils. My ego got a big boost when a teacher who I respected much told me that I painted in acrylics better than anyone he'd seen. The painting he was referring to, Art Center kept for display in their enrolment office.


Dinner at The Copper Creek Inn. About a mile from my RV.

The guy in the black truck was a rough sporty sort of redneck. He pulled out his teddy bear, put it on my scooter seat, and took a picture. He did it quickly so as not to attract attention. Then he walked in deliberately not making eye contact with me. So I thought it best not to say anything. I don't think the teddy belonged to a family member. It seemed to be his travel mascot.

I'm going to spend my last day here exploring the trails of the RV resort. It's very lush in there and goes on as long as I can walk.


I just saw a movie with Pierce Brosnan of James Bond 007 fame, playing a centaur. I don't know how he kept a straight face. "Yes, I know, I have a horse's ass."

What I want to see is Mr. Bean doing what he does best in a sequel to Avatar. I'd like to see how many trees he accidentally destroys, or what he hooks up his tail to, or how he navigates one of those flying dragons.

Last summer my friend Dave and I went to The Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. While inside we imagined all the pranks Mr. Bean cold get himself into – accidentally swallowing an exotic butterfly while sneezing, goofing around with an taxidermy animal, breaking it and then putting it back together cock-eyed, ending up in an aquarium tank to retrieve something he dropped from above, and working his way to the head of a line of kids waiting to see a display – to name just a few.


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