Mounthaven Resort, Ashford, WA

This is Mount Rainier National Park. It is the closest RV resort to the Mountain. Mounthaven is the most intimate cozy resort yet. The cedars here are quite similar to California Redwoods, so I feel a bit like I'm back there.

What's behind me you ask?

For one thing, two huge mushrooms. Then, forest that goes on for more than I can see.

Lots of character.

This place could easily get junky except that it's well-kept and thoughtful.

So many intimate places that this is almost an attraction in itself.

My official cigar station.

A daily ritual – they put out oats for the deer.

This doe kept eyeing me curiously. "Who is that guy sitting there with that ipad? – cool."



Okay now my first bike trip inside the park. Five bucks gets me in all week – open 24/7. For my taste, Mt. Rainier National Park outranks Yosemite. This is my kind of place. I'm going to stay here for at least two weeks. Here is why:

"Okay but I have an automatic transmission and I'm not loud like a motorcycle."




Today I saw Westside Road and gave it a try.

Into the unknown. I do well on these back gravel roads because of my two front wheels.

It then came to a gate after a few miles. Only hiking allowed after that. Outburst floods? Impossible to outrun?

Okay, back to the main tourist areas.

This is what it looks like after one of those floods comes through.

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