Medford / Gold Hill KOA RV Park - Oregon

On the Oregon trail. Just when I thought I left vortexes behind in Mt. Shasta, then came along Gold Hill: "The Oregon Vortex and location of The Word Famous House of Mystery. ...Skeptics are welcome."

Anyway, back to less paranormal, here I am ready to bike out and explore Southern Oregon. Crater Lake, Rogue River, Oregon Caves. I'm also here sitting out the 4th of July weekend. I had to make sure I could be booked someplace at that time, since RV parks fill up then.

A few thousand feet from me are class 3 rapids of the Rogue River.

The only thing I like rapid is thought, so this is more my style for the Rogue.

The locals recommend I bike up to Shady Cove. A nice little town on the Rogue.

I've decided not to bike to Crater Lake but to spend two nights at an RV park there in order to better see it. Instead, I'll hit the local July 4th parade and fireworks.

Also I'm spending more time on painting. I gained much progress in SF and now I'm able to work on my paintings easily right in the RV. It's portraiture that also involves landscape, architecture, sculpture, costume, and decor.

I finally met someone with the exact same RV I have. Mine was just a year older. He was quite knowlegable about the mechanics, so I got a lot of little questions answered from things I was curious about.

I was too engrossed in my painting to make it to the Centerpoint parade, but I biked to Medford for the fireworks. I pulled into Medford Armory National Guard parking lot for a good view nearby, where everyone was doing their fireworks. Strangely, only one person asked my about my Piaggio. I guess they were all too busy works-ing.



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