Last Resort Wilderness RV Park, Oregon

No, after many failures to find a place in the wilderness, this was not a last resort. :) It's simply the last one out on the Umpqua Scenic Drive. My technique for finding RV parks is to go to Google Maps, type in "RV parks Oregon" and then zoom in on my area. There is usually a link to their website on a Google flag.

I passed by Diamond lake and had a quite excellent pizza.

Passed by Lemolo Falls.

Then finally Last Resort RV.
"Umpqua's Last Resort is nestled along the North Umpqua River in the Oregon Cascade Mountains. Surrounded by the Umpqua National Forest it has been named 'Oregon's Emerald-Jewel Gateway' to Crater Lake National Park that leads along spectacular marble river views."

North Umpqua River across the street from me. It was 98 today but is cooling off this week. Ahh, RV air-conditioning.

Or cool off here in the North Umpqua.

I don't know what they're doing but this stuff is better than all the top brands. It was all I could do to not finish it in one sitting.

So here I am nestled in the forest.

What is behind me in the woods you ask? A hidden path to a magical place that the owners created.

The path opens to a creek with this log that you walk over. Then the path winds back to a little dam and pond that they made.

I'll come back tomorrow and set up my chair.

It reminded me of a painting by the 19th Century French painter Bouguereau. Well, without the bimbos :) My pond only has a single rope without the seat ;(

While driving the Umpqua, once in a while it opens up like this.

I knew I had seen Mt. Thielsen somewhere before.

North Umpqua River.

In some places it spreads and is calm.

Okay, here is the premiere falls of the whole area. Toketee Falls. You can't tell here, but that's an 80 foot drop. Lighting changes a lot, so here's lots of pics of it. There's a half-mile trail to get to it that's as lovely as the California redwood groves.

I want to ride in, but I need water-wings.

That's all.


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