Shasta, Lake Siskiyou Camp-Resort

This is not really an RV park, it's a deep woods campground with RV hook-ups that magically appear out of nowhere. Most sites are tents.

Someone already gathered wood for me, so I'll do a camp-fire tonight. Yesterday I had my first scheduled maintenance on the Piaggio at Red Bluff Motorsports. Across the street was the movie theater, so I had lunch and saw Disney's Toy Story 3. When I walked back across the street to see how they were doing, they said, "It will be ready in five minutes – perfect timing." Nice guys – they unloaded and loaded it on my ramp and washed it.

The view from my window when I wake up in the morning.

This spot is the ultimate stage-setting to view the Mountain. This is the view from the beach of the Resort. It's my last stop in the Shasta area, and probably the last before I enter Oregon. From here I'll bike into the main town of Mt. Shasta at the foot of the mountain.

Interesting how in full summer, snow is packed on the mountain. It's all about altitude.

Available to rent are water toys, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, sailboats, and fishing equipment. There's snack bar, outdoor movies, gift shop, general store and restaurant. It's a fresh, clean, pine-scented setting. This is quite a facility, and said to be one of the prettiest in the State.

Denis, a longtime friend in Australia, suggested I look into the spiritual goings-on at the mountain area. He once belonged to a group that did "stuff" there. I went into a local New-Age shop on the main street and got the story. There is all kinds of superficial garbage, but if you believe any of it at all, this is bottom-line
– his name is Adama:

Greetings from Telos! I AM ADAMA, Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos, a Subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta in California. I am dictating this message to you from my home beneath the Earth, where over a million of us live in perpetual peace and prosperity.
We are human and physical just as you, except for the fact that our mass consciousness holds thoughts of only Immortality and Perfect Health. Therefore, we can live hundreds and even thousands of years in the same body. I, myself, have been in the same body now for over 600 years.
We came here over 12,000 years ago before a thermal nuclear war took place that destroyed the Earth's surface. We faced such hardships and calamities above ground, that we decided to continue our evolution underground. We appealed to the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet for permission to renovate the already existing cavern inside Mt. Shasta, and prepare it for the time when we would need to evacuate our homes above ground.
When the war was to begin, we were warned by the Spiritual Hierarchy to begin our evacuation to this underground cavern by going through the vast tunnel system that's spread throughout the planet. We had hoped to save all our Lemurian people, but there was only time to save 25 thousand souls. The remainder of our race perished in the blast.
For the past 12,000 years, we have been able to rapidly evolve in consciousness due to our isolation from the marauding bands of extraterrestrials and other hostile races that prey on the surface population. The surface population has been experiencing great leaps of consciousness in preparation for humanity to move through the photon belt. It is for this reason that we have begun to contact surface dwellers to make our existence known. For in order for the Earth and Humanity to continue to ascend in consciousness, the whole planet must be united and merged into ONE Light from below and ONE Light from above.
It is for this reason that we are contacting you to make you aware of our underground existence, so you can bring the fact of our existence to the attention of our fellow brothers and sisters above ground.
Our book of channeled messages is written to humanity, in hopes that they will recognize and receive us when we emerge from our homes beneath ground and merge with them on the surface, in the not too far distant future. We will be grateful to you for the part you play in helping us broadcast the reality of our existence. We thank you.
In the name of the One Creator of All, I AM ADAMA
[from ]

My linguistics friend in Daly City said, "Nice! 'Adama' is Hebrew for 'earth' or 'land' or 'ground' or 'dirt' or 'soil.' Hence Adam. Pretty neat, eh?"

I personally know that Adama is true. However I have no interest in meeting with these people because they consider themselves spiritual warriors. This is a form of culture that wrestles the Higher-self vibration against the lower-self vibration. I give this personality and call him Mr. TIM. It is a form of the hide-and-seek game which I cover on my philosophy website. My answer to it is Mr. Totality.

Greetings from Mr. Totality! :) I AM the ONE Creater of All.

Holy-moley, my Piaggio's Grandpa just pulled in. "With the help of baby-boomers, trikes being back since 3 years on the custom bike scene, Harley-Davidson noticed and in 2009 brought to its line a three-wheeler called The Tri Glide Ultra Classic. – $30K." It fits inside the room in back, called a toy box. The kids saw me looking at it and said, "Cool, huh? That's Grandpa's bike." The owner came over and we had a long talk about our bikes. He said mine was very cute.

A rare glimpse of Mr. Totality in the wild. (smile) He said, "Forget channeling Ascended Masters from underground vortexes – I'm here in person. Here are pine cones lined up to show that my flat-line virtual-state is in the forest too."

The Park Ranger told me the best view in Castle Crags State Park. He was right.
Hey Nat Geo Magazine, howz that for a pic?

Snow in late June? Yup, at Castle Lake -
an 8 mile ride up the mountain in back of my RV. That's ice on the water in the background. Now you'd think I could see my breath or have to wear a jacket, but no. It was warm. Curious.

This is from above the lake. That's Mt. Shasta in the background.
That water is as clear as I've ever seen. You hear several waterfalls.

At sunset. It hasta be Shasta :)

They don't make this stuff any more :(

These too. I remember these cans in the 1950's.

(two days later) It was supposed to hit 90 degrees today, so I biked back up to Castle Lake. This time the ice on the lake was all melted. Absolutely perfect temperature. This is one of the water falls, and there is a boater to the left.

There is my fold-up chair at the edge of the lake– good size and comfortable.

It easily fits in the Piaggio storage because my two compartments have a pass-through connection. Maybe a tent next?

I ate half my chocolate bar there. "Mt Shasta Bar: a peak experience with every bite." That's what it actually said on the display box.

A friend of mine said that he would like to
ride shotgun with me. (on my bike or RV) I said,
"Oh good, then you could pick off all the spiritual warriors." :)

Wikipedia: "Riding shotgun refers to the practice of sitting alongside the driver in a moving vehicle. The expression was applied originally to the movie depiction of stagecoaches and wagons in the Wild West, in danger of being robbed or attacked. An employee or passenger would sit beside the driver, carrying a shotgun or rifle, to provide an armed response in case of threat to the cargo or passengers. It is also used to mean giving actual or figurative support or aid to someone in a situation or project, i.e. to "watch their back."

Dinner time. Hot dogs! Okay, nutritional emptiness. So I took some Alive! to ride shotgun. "With more invigorating nutrients from more natural sources than any other product." Yeeehaw, ride'm cowboy! Git along lit'l doggies.

McCloud is a a cozy little town. A bit like traveling back to the 1940's. Their museum has a lot of personality. On the way to the falls, a brown bear walked the opposite side of the road. A car approached and slowed down, so I thought it best to keep up my speed and get out of there. Unlikely, but I suppose the bear could have chased after me. Where was my shotgun ride when I needed him? :)



What do you mean you can't bear my humor?


Mt. Shasta is big on crystals. There is a shop with room after room of minerals, called appropriately, The Crystal Room. "We hold an agreement with the crystal and mineral beings in our store to ensure that the energetic match between them and their human co-partners serves the Highest Good for both... We hold the world-view that all matter is conscious and that all conscious matter reflects individual aspects of the Divine Evolving."
I now have a slice of Shasta memorabilia.

I took the bike up as high on Mt. Shasta as roads would allow. This is called Bunny Flat.

So I set up my chair and sat for an hour. That's the last group of trees before the solid snow that you see in the peak pictures. A light jacket was comfortable at 6400 feet up.

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