Lake Nacimiento Resort, Paso Robles, CA

Wow, I feel like I'm out in the middle of nowhere like a survivalist. This is the watershed for Paso Robles. I am all alone here. There should be people on the weekends.

I'm covered by trees to the south, so a roof-mounted satellite might not have got a signal. That is why I chose a portable unit. There it is to the left with its 50 foot cable back to the RV.

Some views.


I've never felt so camp-ey as here, so I've been cooking with camp fire. It really improved the flavor of my chicken breast. I'm doing a turkey burger tonight.

My blue chair has been sittting out in the moon-lit shore here at night.

Exploring. It's nice to have pine cones and pine needles again. I missed that in Southern California.

This is a handy little iPhone application that shows satellite location in the sky. You look through the iPhoto screen and can tell if there are any obstructions to the signal while placing the dish.

Not all McDonalds are the same. This is the one on Highway 101 in Paso Robles. A life-size Elvis and 50's decor make this one unique.


A week and a half have gone by and only one other RV has showed up here, then only overnight. The Ranger said that this place is too far off the beaten path for most people. Mostly locals come here. Yet the summer is packed.

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