Lake Cushman Resort, Hoodsport, WA

I looped back down an hour and a half on the Hwy 101 Olympic Scenic Drive. There were plenty of RV parks on the coastline, but I'm trying the only lake before the end of the loop.

The clouds are doing that "out of the mountain" thing again.

Out on Hwy 101 is Puget Sound. I had lunch on a pier. This seagull stayed with me devotedly all the time I sat. It just liked looking at me. Then I bought some local lobster tails and boiled them at home for dinner. Yumm.

A few mile drive around the lake and I come to Staircase in the Olympic State Park.

Really deep pools of clear water.

Small but pretty.
The guys are their big Harleys can ride on this gravel road. A third of the road to Staircase was gravel. Single tire bikes skid in gravel and it's dangerous. My two front wheels had great traction. The speed limit was 25 and I sped up to 50 and still felt safe and in control.

Sat with a cigar for a while on the bridge.


Moist lush.

Tall lush.

Another guy walked out to smoke a cigar. I waved mine at him.

Bridge got washed out. They have another one all finished and ready to put in place.

This is the most wood-droppings forest I've seen.

Second to my Piaggio, people ask me about my Phillies Blunt Chocolate Aroma cigar. "It smells so good." I had a long chat with a guy out on the lake after he came up to me to ask about my cigar. So I came back and lit one up for him."Wow that is mild." He lived in California and told me how much more he likes it here. The only downside is lots of rain. He said I'll grow webs on my feet and it will be fine. I said that this Olympic area is probably where I'll spend the winter. His kids were in the water and he said the water was warm. I went back and got my trunks.

Surprise! It was. That was the longest swim yet. I ended up being a water monitor to help push the kid's balloon-boats and tubes back to the dock when they drifted too far. That's the dock there. The photo above was Thursday. I was full of kids Saturday today.

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