Log Cabin Resort, on lake Crescent, Port Angeles, WA

A stop on the Olympic Scenic Drive. Okay this place is super-photogenic, so here it goes:

Driving here looked mostly like this for two hours.

Interesting water colors. Someone should paint a water-color :)

Oh dear.

Oh clear.

Oh, I almost forgot about my RV site:

My view. That pole is the Wi-fi transmitter. Both Verizon and ATT are strong here.

Later in the day. Time to clean my window.

What is going on behind me you ask?

Well, let's walk back and see.

Why, my own little creek feeding Lake Crescent.

I'm supposed to keep an eye out for Cressie. The native Indians said it is there.

Resort Restaurant. Mud pie – mocha almond fudge ice-cream on a bed of dark chocolate crumbs, whipping cream, chocolate syrup, and two cherries. Yikes! – it looked a lot bigger in real life. After the fresh salmon dinner.

Looking out the restaurant window. I watched that little cloud grow out of the mountain-side. I guess how it works is that as the air cools and then the evaporation condenses.

An hour later it grew to this. Interesting. I know I learned that in grade-school science class, but I never saw it on-the-fly.

The little back roads around here are also quite scenic. Reminded me of the park in Portland.

Sol-Duc Falls. Moist, huh?


Joyce General Store. "If we don't have it, you don't need it." I had to see for myself.

Okay if I needed an antique chainsaw. No Home Depot, but a fair selection of hardware. Okay how bout vegetables for me?

Got it. I liked the flavor of the place – original turn of the century hardwood floors and bead board on walls and ceiling. Post office too. Every spare inch in packed.


Hurricane Ridge is a must see.
It's probably the most popular site in the Olympic Area. I watched a 20 minute movie about the area at the visitor center.

Most of the ride up the 6000 foot altitude was a mist-ical experience.

They aren't allowed to be hunted, so quite a few are around.

Pizza with a view. My paper plate didn't blow away, so I guess there was no hurricane on the ridge today.

I was at the Port Angeles Museum. The curator played a 1917 victrola record for me on their 1917 Victrola. Except for the crackling and hiss of the record format, it sounded just like my ipad speaker. After a hundred years, two popular items sound the same.


Merymere Falls. The 1.5 mile loop trail to get there was as good as the falls.




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