Lake Casitas Resort, Ventura County, CA

Still in Ventura County, just a few miles from my last stop, and a few miles from Ojai. This is the local water company's recreation area. The lake is man-made. The park has its own store, restaurant, and boating shop.

View from the lake. This is mid-week. The place will be full on the weekend. I'm here for eight days, so I'll get to experience both a party and seclusion.

I'll rent a boat and see what happens.

Infinite places to stroll.

I put Disney's Cars2 on my hard drive. I like to watch movies while I eat. I noticed that when they went to Paris, they changed the name of Gusteau's restaurant in Ratatouille, to Gastows.

I like what they did with Sacre Ceure cathedral Paris – bolted gaskets for the domes, headlights and a radiator for the facade.

I also liked Big Bentley for the Big Ben clock in London.


Nothing confirms I'm back on vacation like being out on the lake in a boat. Perfect weather.

There is a large island in the middle of the lake. When behind it, there is no sign of civilization except for a cell tower on the mountains.

That's my RV under the red arrow.

Back in the restaurant for a hot chocolate and chips.

On the restaurant walls are actual fish caught in the lake, now in the taxidermy state.

I'm guessing some kind of huge catfish.

If this is taxidermy, the guy did a real rush job :)


The Channel Islands - a three hour tour.

Some fun:

Actually we looked more like this: Island Packers Tour,
and the weather was perfect the whole time.

First we were greeted by seals,

then dolphins,

then gray whales. These guys are migrating to Baja California to mate, picking up a load of barnacles along the way. He is about the size of a school bus.

My favorite island is Anacapa.

More Anacapa.

More Anacapa.

Anacapa was formed by lava flow and the place is full of lava caves.



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