Lake Cachuma Recreation Area, Santa Barbara County, CA

Now north an hour into the watershed area for Santa Barbara. I'm half way between Santa Barbara and Solvang. This lake is similar to Lake Casitas, only larger. I like this place so I will stay two weeks.

My view in back of the RV.

Lake's edge is like a sidewalk.

A tour boat goes out every day, so I'll give it a try.

Sunset time.


"The most famous celebrity of all to ever live in the Santa Ynez Valley was international pop music star Michael Jackson. Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is located about five miles north of the small community of Los Olivos on Figueroa Mountain Road."

"Less than ten miles south of the valley in the Santa Ynez Mountains, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan had his famed Rancho Del Cielo. President Reagan used the ranch as a vacation home and hosted world leaders there such as former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev."

I guess that Cielo was Reagan's Neverland.


The Santa Ynez Valley Historical Society Museum.

"– one of the finest collections of authentic horse-drawn vehicles to be found in the entire West - the kinds of vehicles that opened the West to modern civilization in the days when "horse-power" meant just that. "

Hmmm, I was thinking I should do something with the outside of my RV.

The 1880 version of the laptop – a portable writing desk.

The jail. The weather here is great, only it does get cold at night. That little blanket would not be enough for me. Maybe he is wearing long-johns.

Yikes, he jumped out at me. The Museum bookstore has a section for Ronald Reagan Ranch books and gift items.

Santa Ynez is full of character. They try to keep the downtown looking like the old west – or just old.


I did my first stop at Solvang, known as the "Danish Capital of America". I'll have to come back to soak in all it has to offer. There are several blocks of extensive shops and restaurants. It is strange seeing a theme park out in the middle of farm-land. You get a Disney feeling here.

I'm coming back for some Danish. How about Olsen's cherry boat? A dash of whipped cream please.


I went into my iPhone settings and changed my Siri voice to a Brittish male. Now it sounds like I have a Gentleman's Gentleman as a personal assistant. A dash of whipped cream please.


Visit to Santa Barbara. Of all the downtown's I've seen, Santa Barbara is the most comfy and elegant at the same time. It is consistent in its Colonial Spanish theme.

Even The Home Depot is in on the decor.

Santa Barbara Pier.

Parked on the pier. Moby Dick Restaurant.

My clam chowder inside Moby.

Close up out the window. Those are the Channel Islands in the background.

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