Holiday Farm RV Resort, Blue River, Oregon

Another excellent setting.

That's storage in the back for long-term guests.

The nicest hook-up I've seen: a kiosk? There is something about this place that exudes quality, even though it's informal overall. "Guests often comment that our showers and restrooms are the cleanest in the country!" I tried the shower/bathroom, and it's all designer quality hardware and four-star quality craftsmanship. I just like being here. There are two other RV parks close by but this is by far the sweet spot.

Nice to look out and see a forest garden.

Okay it's just a stump on my site, but I thought is was quite decorative.

And what is behind me you ask? Trails, trails, trails.

And water with those trails.

And at the end, a restaurant with a fine menu,

and McKenzie River.

The Goodpasture Covered Bridge on McKenzie River.

I stopped in Sisters on the way. This is ten minutes outside of Bend. The building code is consistent as if it was Disneyland downtown. Everything is Old West but very neat. This is the most charming small town I've visited so far.

On the way to Holiday Farm RV, I passed by the scenic mountain views.

This is Mount Washington, the main peak.

Time for the main attraction in the Macenzie Valley: Proxy Falls.

Not to be missed. And the trail to get there is scenic in itself:

And the Scenic Highway 242 to get there was a great ride.

The salmon burger at Fin Rock Grill was excellent.

Then a swim in mid-70's water at this spot of Blue River Reservoir.

Blue indeed.

I met a family here who live in the area. After all the answers about the Piaggio (which was their attraction to me) they told me I have to see this, that, and the other, so I'm staying another three days, but at an RV Resort which they said was a must-see – Belknap Resort.

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