O'brien region of Shasta – Holiday Harbor RV Park

This is the prettiest park so far. It's on State Park land – that's why it looks so much more outdoorsy.

Yes that's me back there. Cozy, huh?

This is my swim entrance 50 feet from my RV. This time eleven fish greeted me all next to another. Either I'm a fish magnet or they're not used to seeing humans under water.

My own private boat launch 25 feet from my RV, should I need one.

Walking around taking a few pics with my Droid phone.

This is also the first RV park I've had with their own restaurant: "Our specialty is the big country breakfast for the early skiers and fisherman. We offer a wide variety on our lunch menu as well as a self serve, all you can eat salad bar. Lunch specials abound and beer and wine is served. Come enjoy the great views of the harbor while enjoying a cool and refreshing breakfast or lunch inside or relax out on the deck with a cold drink."

This is also the first RV park I've been to where it is booked solid after I need to leave.

Oookay, the best way to experience Shasta Lake is to rent a boat and sail around it for a day. So I did. Seating for 12 on this vessel, so I had lots of room to lounge around and enjoy different angles of the sun. I drove slow enough so that I didn't need to keep steering all the time. I then stood at the front like that famous painting of George Washington crossing the Potomac. "I am the Captain of my ship, the Master of my soul." :)

The VFW (Veterans of foreign wars) Bridge is the Golden Gate of Shasta. It's actually taller than GG, but most of it is below the water line. Tail O'The Whale Restaurant with it's stunning view of the bridge. I recommend the local salmon.

This is from the restaurant balcony outside. Those are all houseboats.
On the wall of the restaurant. This was before the dam was filled. Interstate 5 passes over it.

I met a doe on a small back road at night coming back from the restaurant. I said, "You're not going to jump in front of a scooter are you?" She didn't answer but just stared at me like, "huh?" Maybe I've been watching Bambi too much.



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