Garberville – Benbow RV Resort

This is a classy resort. I plan on this being the home-base for exploring The Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County: its scenic drive is a 31-mile portion of old Highway 101, which parallels Freeway 101 with its 51,222 acres of redwood groves.

The Benbow Inn, 1926, (connected to the RV park) became a popular destination for motoring tourists traveling up the newly-completed Redwood Highway. Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Alan Ladd, Charles Laughton, Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald, Joan Fontaine, Basil Rathbone were all patrons of the Inn.

Tried it the first night – 6:30PM Thursday – nice and quiet.

I usually don't have desert because restaurant portions fill me up, but this was light so I had a fancy gourmet-looking ice-cream sunday.

It has a 1920's romantic feel to it, kind of like Disney's Snow White movie.

I've never played golf in my life, except for miniature golf, but this place is calling me to give it a shot. I'll post what happens. Benbow Resort is famous for its golf course.

Here is the Avenue of the Giants. I'm putting some miles on my Piaggio.

Then getting off the bike and heading out on foot.

Then there is the Eel River that flows through the resort. I don't know if I'll do what this guy is doing but I'll at least wade with my pants rolled up.

More of the Eel.

Here I am tucked away again. That's the golf course behind me.

I got a 3-wheel ramp for the MP3. A young gal in Ukiah bought my Buddy 150 scooter and ramp. She said she wanted to be "more green." I look pretty green here too, don't I ? :)

One reason for my stay here is that this pool is 80 degrees.

I got some high boots in town to wade in the Eel. They have good traction so I walked out in the middle to a shallow spot, sat on a stool and puffed a chocolate cigar. Absolutely perfect warm weather. This is my private Benbow area from a little trail that few people find.

Room to spare. This tree is still alive – I saw the branches.
Avenue of the Giants is a popular motorcycle area. The big bikers are waving at me now, so I'm waving back.

Some nostalgia – I'm guessing 1958 here. That's me on the left. Sister, Grandmother standing, and mother in car. Dad is taking a slide with his SLR.

June 2: Well, I had quite a good first golf game. I made a new friend from back in Ukiah. Rick kept track of this website and saw that I wanted to play golf, so he drove up and brought his expertise. He trained with a pro, so it was one big golf lesson for me. We did nine holes. I didn't have too many good long shots, but some great putts – one perfect thirty-footer. He showed me the right irons to use for each shot. I'm going back to the driving range to practice what Rick showed me. The weather was absolutely perfect for golf – overcast, warm, and still.

For anyone who has marginal cell signal reception, there are antenna/amplifiers to boost it. In these last two locations I had 2-bar reception that sporadically failed. With this antenna I have full bars all the time. My antenna in the picture is 18" tall. This system also has a simpler antenna for a car roof.

There I am parked on my way to the Eureka area an hour north. This is the Visitor Center at Humboldt Redwoods on The Avenue Of The Giants. Across the street is probably the finest showcase of redwoods – I highly recommend it. This is my second visit here and my farewell to the Giants this year.


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