Fort Worden State Park, WA

Fort Warden is the San Francisco Precedio of Wahington. It's converted to civilian use, using all the old military buildings. This is a highly rated RV facility. I don't know if I could have done a weekend without reservations well in advance.

Above me is a bluff, Artillery Hill, that looks over the Strait of Juan De Fuca. There are batteries up there just like Fort Stevens in Oregon.

What is behind me you ask?

Nothing really, fun trails up the bluff.

Strait of Juan De Fuca.

Parade grounds.

Ten inch cannon in 1910.

A few blocks away is an small organic veggie/fruit stand. It's open 24 hours and no one is inside. You take what you want, weigh it, and leave your money in a box. It's nice to be trusted. Communism could have worked if the Russians trusted each other. Any political system is rough when its people can't be trusted. When the time comes for this planet to know each other as Mr. Totality, that won't be a problem.
Then a mile away is an organic co-op market. It's so funny to watch the characters who come into that place. Some look like hippies, others modern revolutionary Bolsheviks, but others just look "organic alternative."

Out for a sunset walk on the beach. Looking out over Juan De Fuca, cigar in hand. That distant land touching the tip of my cigar is Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I may head up there in the spring.

I knew there must have been a cigar named after him :)

That's the full moon, and the lighthouse to the left.

The water is much clearer here than the San Francisco area.

The Artillery Museum isn't just a bunch of guns lined up on display. It actually has a leg up on Fort Steven's Museum.

The Fort Townsend Museum. Basement jail of the old courthouse. The local museums really fill you in on the locale.

Fort Townsend is somewhat like a mini-San Francisco.

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