Eugene Oregon, Premier RV Resort

I picked this place to stop and research a bit where to go next in Oregon. I'm sifting through brochures. Also they have a heated pool and complimentary breakfast. My forest is gone, but not for long. I also check out cities with their museums, parks, and tech stuff. This place is a few minutes north of downtown Eugene, so I'm out in the country. This place is a little pricey like Benbow, but here I have my continental breakfast with orange juice, take an nice morning swim in 87 degree water, and then have my morning silent sessions. Escort to my site, local paper delivered to my door – well kept gardens and fountains.

Still strapped in.

In downtown Eugene is the University or Oregon. It was Sunday, so I freely took my scooter around the bike paths that the students ride.

A historic victorian downtown on the edge of a park.

A lot of shade downtown.


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