Crown Villa RV Resort, Bend, Oregon

Crown Villa is an appropriate name because it's the most expensive RV place I know of yet. Had to give it a try.

The place is kept like Disneyland.

On the way, I stopped at the Lava River Caves. It was 40 degrees as soon as you stepped in. I put on my ski parka to keep warm. There are no lights inside for the half mile walk, so I also took my Large LED flashlight. The earth is filled with these things all over the planet, but the only way we find out about them is if there is a cave-in.

"The eruption which formed this Lava River Cave occurred about 80,000 years ago. The source is believed to be near Mokst Butte southeast of the entrance. The same volcanic flow that formed the cave underlies much of the Bend area and almost reaches Redmond, Oregon. However, the specific vent that created the cave has been buried by several younger flows.
The Lava River Cave was created by lava flowing downhill from a volcanic vent. The lava flowed northwest from the vent toward the Deschutes River. The flow began as a river of lava flowing in an open channel. Eventually, a lava crust solidified over the top of the flowing lava. This formed a roof over the river, enclosing it in a lava tunnel or tube. When the eruption from the vent stopped, the lava drained out of the tube leaving a lava tube cave behind. After the cave cooled, a section of the its roof collapsed. This collapsed section provided the entrance to both the uphill (southeast) and downhill (northwest) cave sections."

I figured that this area was called Deschutes National Forest because of all the volcanic "chutes", but French Canadian fur trappers called the river "Riviere des Chutes," meaning River of Many Falls; the name was later shortened to Deschutes.

Okay, I've gotten comments, "Hey John how come we never see you in the pictures?" Well I was in the fitness room, saw the mirror in front of me and had my cell phone, so I shot this. A little blurry, but that's all you get for now :)

No mirror in the spa. That's a full park back there. An RV park with an actual park.

And a tennis court. Thurston Howell and Lovey would be at home here.

Maybe at the next park.

Bend (central Oregon) is no little sleepy town. Downtown is quite stylish. There is even a BMW dealership here.

One scoop chocolate. I could see myself living here.

Drake park is so clean and neat. Not scruffy like much of Golden Gate Park. This is the river that "bends" through Bend. Interesting that non white-anglo-saxons are almost non-existent here. Very different from San Francisco.

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