Clark's Skaget River Resort, Rockport, WA

Here I am back in the deep forest. This time the Northern Cascades. The staff says that the weather has been really weird here. I'm in my tea shirt and the temperature inside the RV in the shade is 74 degrees. I have so much privacy here that this is the first time I've had all my window shades open. So I signed up for a week.

I'm doing what's called the Northern Cascade Loop Scenic Drive, except for the coastal part. I'll do the coast later because I want in on the good weather before the snow sets in. Mt. Baker, the main attraction, is the Northern equivalent of Mt. Rainier.

So here is a walk-through of the Resort:

Tame rabbits everywhere. They have their own feeding stations.

A veggie garden that they manage to keep the rabbits out of.

The office. Lot's of character inside.

Quite expansive grounds with trails. They aught to call it a park.

Finally, someone else has lace curtains.

Character with characters.

I think this is the Cascades version of a Vegas chapel. "There is an ordained minister here at all times to serve your wedding needs." I'm reminded of a line from the movie, A New Leaf: "Let's see now – we've got to do something. Who do I know who's preganant and a good sport?" That front door is a standard size house door. Jesus, it looks like a miniature golf feature,
but twelve people can sit inside.

My friend Dave, who has taught Bible study, and who often has a roguish sense of humor, just emailed me after having seen this:

John: "I think this is the Cascades version of a Vegas chapel. That front door is a standard size house door. Jesus, it looks like a miniature golf feature,
but twelve people can sit inside."

Jesus: "Perfect. So after our night of gambling and drinking, you and the eleven other disciples can hide out there while I'm being crucified. Then you'll be safe to write all this stuff down, and chapels shall henceforth be deemed sanctified sites of prayer, so as to draw future collective memory away from our debauchery. And oh yea, what's miniature golf?"

The place has many cabins too.

My official resort Eatery.
I'm going to try the Seafood Sensation – sorry Dave.

I had dinner there tonight, and to my surprise, this place is written up in Sunset Magazine and Fodors. It's also a mini-museum inside. The fresh trout dinner was excellent. It was once only a hamburger stand, but they added-on to it in the 1980's. Mostly famous for its pies.


Stocking up on veggies.
Their home-grown tomatoes are what a tomato should taste like.

This is the main town I go into. Concrete. Nothing like a nice solid name for a city.

Named from a history of making the hard stuff.

I wouldn't touch that one with a ten-foot pole :) Well I guess you can't blame them for trying to be more concrete than abstract with their cosmology.

Wall Street movie is playing at the Concrete theater, so I may go see it.
Also, I came across a movie poster. Yes, it was fake :(

"Mr. Bean wins a trip to Pandora where hilarity ensues."
Might be as good as this seafood sensation.


Marblemount Fish Hatchery.
I'm in the midst of three small towns. Concrete, Rockport, and Marblemount. Boy, talk about being between a rock and a hard place.
After revealing all the details about my Piaggio, the motorcycle enthusiast fish feeder man rewarded me by instructing me to go into the "Authorized Personnel Only" area which had the really big fish (and where Mr. Bean would have somehow ended up).

This is it, nestled in the Cascade gorges.

Stop it, that tickles!

In between a hard place.

Fish vacuum.

I watched a video of how the place works. This room even smelled like fish.

What I find interesting is that after the place lets the hatched fish go, they return to this same spot to die after their jaunt in the ocean. You'd think that would mean great eating for this area, but they return the dead fish out into the water areas for much needed nutrients.


Out on the 120 acre Resort trails today.

One of the trails is outfitted with fitness stations. This is the stair step.

Towards the back of the property. Total privacy. Temperature was ideal, and the air was so still that my cigar smoke hung in the forest like a mist.


Went to the Concrete Theatre for the matinee. Before the movie starts, the owner comes out and introduces the film and invites you to upcoming features. Popcorn and Soda are both 75 cents. That cemented a relationship with the town.

Then back I went to grill my own local fresh salmon. No drip-pan needed here. When the skin came off I just threw it over my shoulder into the forest.


Thirty-mile ride on the bike through the Cascade River Road up almost to the top of the Cascades.

Up I go. First outlook point. This is competition with Mt. Rainier.

Looking down into the river that is fed the upcoming glacier.


How the river is fed. I'm really up here and I'm wearing my thermals.

View from the top. A bit Yosemite-like, huh?

More views.

Time to go back down the road.

More down.

Low down.

Lots of falls.

The road follows the Cascade River.

That's it for this area. I'm off to the East side of the mountains tomorrow.



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