Casey's Riverside RV Park, Willamette National Forest, Oregon

Riverside is an apt word:

A few feet in front of my RV. You can bet I'm going to sit my chair here :)


Good set-up.

Inside here is 24 hour self-serve soft ice-cream. Actually, drive-up: there's my scooter to the right.

Not a bad price if you prefer "all you can eat."

Solar heating makes for an 87 degree view.
(thermometer included)

Waldo Lake. There are so many lakes nearby that I'm seeing just a few.
"Waldo Lake is one of the purest lakes in the world, and a true gem of the Cascades. One of the largest natural lakes in Oregon, and the second deepest, the lake is the source of the nationally-designated Wild and Scenic North Fork of the Middle Fork Willamette River. Waldo Lake is surrounded on three sides by the 39,000 acre Waldo Lake Wilderness, designated by Congress in 1984 to protect the area’s outstanding forests, scenic mountains, and backcountry recreation values."

On the way back from Waldo Lake. Obviously not much traffic here.

Lunch at Odell Lake Resort.

Oakridge is a cute little town. Plenty of stores, and plenty of churches. I wonder if the Pastor of this church is as entertaining as his signs?

A must see is Salt Creek Falls. Second tallest falls in Oregon. 286 feet.

This was voted the most prettiest ride in Oregon. So far I agree. This was the longest bike ride of mine, and I didn't go all the way.

Stopped to picnic at Constitution Grove.

Layed down in the woods next to a creek and rested a while to take a break from riding. I was going to take more pictures, but it kept getting more beautiful, so I waited for even more beautiful and missed the ones I would have taken. I'll be back.


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