Caliente Springs Resort, Desert Hot Springs, CA

I'm doing a month here before going on to Disneyland. This place is only ten minutes from my last resort. I could play golf, but I think swimming will keep me busy.

Nice to sink my toes into a well-manicured lawn.

View of the golf course.

This is the middle hot spring pool. There is a hotter one and a cooler one. I prefer the cooler. Then there are three swimming pools joined together that go from warm to warmer. Below the property is an hot aquafer which they punp water out of for the pools. It's completely new water every day.

I like sitting in the shade with my cigar at water's edge.

A lot of pre-fab houses here.


Sitting in my blue chair in back of my RV. Couldn't ask for better weather. I had to have the air-conditioner on for an hour today.

These pre-fab houses are interesting. They're hooked up just like my RV so that the city doesn't consider them permanent residences. That means no property tax.

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