Big Fir Camp & RV Park, Ridgefield. WA

This is the Vancouver, Washington area. The Park is basic and cozy. Lots of trees. I'll check out Vancouver from here.


There is a district in town called Minnehaha. How do you get anyone to take you seriously when you tell them you live in Minnehaha? :)

I'm spending most of my time here on my painting and editing my philosophy website. But wait until you see my next desitnation. It costs more than twice this place does. Indoor pool!

Portland is just across the river from Vancouver, so I bopped over to see a spot that I didn't get to while in Portland. The Grotto.

At ground level is an outdoor alter.

You get a four dollar token to take the elevator up 100 feet to a forest-garden plateau.

This is The Grotto Meditation Chapel overlooking Portland/Vancouver/Columbia River.

So I sat down in an over-stuffed chair and did a ten-minute command session.

There are all kinds of paths with themes. It's kind of a quiet forest Catholic Amusement Park. Gee, sorry Ma, I actually had a good time all the way through :)

Catholic ipad.

Lots of intimate places in addition to big older trees.

Messenger-guide image welcomes me.

A realm-being, attempting to use his Totality, and having lost a battle with Mr. Tim (acronym for the three of thought, intellect, me-sense), carries Tim's weight where he's going to formally go to mount 3-up.

Ahh, 3-up – a wise choice. He leave's or gives up interest in his localized realm-being state to be however it finds itself, and in order to effortlessly include his flat-line first-cause virtual state (the Father). Father knows exactly what to do and does it. Other localized realm-beings don't get it and don't feel so good about it. Still not feeling good, they even alter scripture from, "Father, thou hast never forsaken me", to "Father, why hast thou forsaken me?" Jesus never suffers but it sure makes highly localized realm-beings feel a whole lot better to think he did. The more essential meaning of the word "suffer" which is no longer popular, simply means "to allow something to be as it is found."

And his return is the ability to act as the King and Master of all being-realms including the highest authorship vibration, making the universe his own private dream. Mr. Totality. Other localized realm-beings who still don't get it are very impressed – with what to him is perfectly normal. He even says they'll do greater things than him, and that it's right at hand, but they're still overwhelmed. So they instead make a forest-garden-shrine to him and his mom. Religion is mumbo-jumbo and an embarrassment to most well-educated people, but John enjoys the quality of material in the walk and what it all means.


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