Belknap Hot Springs RV Resort, Oregon


Actually they sent me to their sister site Yale Camp RV - one mile away. But I have full use of Bel. Belknap is the Caesar's Palace of Central Oregon, so you have to book well ahead. It's one of those places so pretty, that they book weddings and so on. I booked one day ahead. Didn't get into Harvard, so they sent me to Yale.

No, not that one...

Then there are the hot water pools, but 100+ degrees is too much for me, so I'm skipping that. Yesterday while swimming at Blue River Reservoir, the 13 year old boy of the family said, "You're gonna like Belknap so much, you'll shit your pants when you see it." Well, while I didn't expect my digestive system to have quite that enthusiastic a response, I figured I'd like staying there. He was wearing diving flippers and was literally swimming circles around me. That has a way of making one talk over-enthusiastically :)

So after seeing a bit of Belknap, I didn't shit my pants as predicted by my young acquaintance, but I was sufficiently impressed to book an extra day to make sure I saw everything.

Back to Yale and my RV:

My view of the landscape of Hwy 242 - the one voted "most prettiest ride in all of Oregon."

What is that sound or water running behind me, you ask?

Ten feet behind me is the pond.


Pond fish. Catch and release only, the sign says.

This is the third time I've eaten at Takota's restaurant. Breakfast here in the morning is a real treat. Be sure to go to the outside patio. I asked the waitress what they do about the goldfish in the winter. She said that the pond freezes over and the fish freeze too and then come back to life when it thaws out. Not sure how that cryonics works :)

Today I'm mostly working on my painting, and then taking breaks out at the pond.

Rolling lawns always help.

Pond life. Yale definitely has its advantages over Harvard.

I'm the only one here at the RV park. "Gots" the whole place to myself. I can pretend to be the manager. But I hear its supposed to fill up this weekend. A big party of water rafters are coming in and taking all the spaces except for mine.

There is a good reason they call it Clear Lake. Those are scuba divers back there.

I had plans on swimming here at Clear Lake but I was told the temperature is 38 degrees all year around. It's fed from underground where water is 20 years old. Put a plastic bag with food in here and you've got a refrigerator. People need dry suits, not wet suits to go into this water. They rent boats here but only alow four people in a boat. If you go over-board, well, ouch!

Back to Belknap.

Can I request Handel's water music?

Makenzie River through Belknap.

The last time I had a snow cone? Fifty plus years.

The Secret Garden.

Sahalie Falls, a must-see. Lot's of intimate places to sit and watch water movement.

That's an 80 foot drop.

I sat up here at the top and soaked in the sound of water.

The Secret garden at night when it's more secret.

More Secrets. Tried the night-shoot mode on my Droid phone camera.

Sitting by the Makenzie River. Those rocks off to the left divert a portion of water into Belknap for all their waterworks.

The lawns at Belknap. I sat here for a while in my folding chair.


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