Anaheim Resort RV Park, Anaheim, CA

Here I am, a 20 minute walk away from Disneyland. Shuttle a hundred feet away. I can see the Haunted Tower from here. First thing is to take a a swim. Pool temp is good. If it was any warmer outside, I'd need my air-conditioner on. Perfect day. I'll head out to downtown Disney this evening and then do the main park tomorrow.


I thought I'd just be enjoying a memory of what Disneyland was, but they have significantly updated many attractions. It's a changing place. Within the last year I purchased the Blu-ray DVD of Pinocchio, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, so seeing the themes there was more stimulating.

Somehow I had never gone into the gallery that is the first thing on your right in Town Square. Some good quality painting in there.

And in an adjoining room was all the artwork over the years – mostly the planning stages. It was all new to me, so I took a good hour there.

"The latest in animatronics technology - the most advanced one in the world - $2.2 million to build it." First there was a movie screen with his story, and then it went away and there he was sitting. He stood up and did his thing.

Another screen behind him when he sits down again.


I agree with this architecture.

Castle architecture is pleasant too.

So in I go to Pinocchio's adventure ride. Full scale models.

With every new movie, they have work to do at the park.

Into Monstro's mouth.

Disney detail.

As a small kid when Disneyland opened in the 50's, I just barely remember the submarine. Never got on it since then, so this time I did. Nemo's theme. Underwater 3-D projections from the movie were good but didn't photograph too well, so you'll have to see it for yourself.

A diver.

The kids got a chance to fight Lord Vedar. "The force is strong in this one."

That steam boat really runs on steam. They boil the water by burning vegetable oil. They even use vegetable oil to lubricate the water-wheel so that if lubricant leaks into the waterway, it will biodegrade.

The original Pirates of the Caribbean. But with an update – there is Jack Sparrow. About half of it was new to me.

Jack in his solo.
I took a video of it here.

And here, "Dead men tell no tales."

I have a copy of Ratatouille on my hard drive. I've watched it many times - usually when I sit down to eat. I think Ratatouille may be the best movie Disney has ever done.

Here is a video clip from a window on Main Street.


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